Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paraguay, Here I come !!!

Sent  June 3rd 11:30 (3:30pm her time):

     Hey this is just a quick hello and letting you know I will be leaving the CCM tomorrow (tuesday) morning at 4 am.  Our flight leaves at 6:45 am (that would be what like 2:45 am ur time).  So be watchin ur phones from midnight until 2:45 am or at least have them on loud.  I will call yours mom. :) I might have some time to call but if not i will try to find time when we land.  I´m sure it´s a quick 1-2 hour flight.  only guessing though.  So I hope everything works out with callin ya´ll but not sure if it will. Love you all!!! xoxo
Hna Hilly Owen

  p.s.  SO STOKED FOR THE FIELD I am just excited! I know it will be hard but I am happy where I am with the language and am excited to meet my new comp. lots of love!
More miracle stories to come this next week! :) paz out! p.s. never got nick´s letter

So we're up until 2:00am waiting for the call, phone on the loudest ringer in case we fell asleep.  NO CALL... :( 
The typical miracle story would be that the phone would ring right when I was praying, but I had a different lesson to learn...
During my prayers at 2:00am, crying because I wanted that call to come so bad, a peace came over me, and i knew she was safe and i knew the Lord was with her.  The tears literally stopped that fast and I knew she was ok and busy doing the Lords work (literally on the plane) , she is in His hands and i was comforted knowing He is there by her side.

Sent June 4th 7:45 am (11:45am her time)

Hey ya´ll I made! Hey so sorry I didn´t get to call! the payphones... well we couldn´t really figure them out.  I am safe, fed, and super excited to be here in Paraguay.  It is so green!! On the flight over I had the opportunity to share my testimony and get a reference (a man and his family and a cute old lady)!! Let the work begin right :)  The best is that they listen to and play all of Katie´s and my church music! It is so comforting and we are being trained today in a church building which makes me feel so at home. We haven´t met our comps yet but I am anxious to.  Much love.  I will talk to you later :)  We don´t have much time to write. xoxo

con cariƱa,
Hna Hillary Owen