Monday, April 14, 2014

Santidad Al Senior, La Casa Del Senior

 Nick I totally forgot that not only was it your birthday yesterday, but it was your GOLDEN birthday.  First off, I hope it was awesome and second it was definitely golden because it worked some golden magic down here in Paraguay!  

My companion and I have the goal to get 7x7 at least once every change (6 weeks).  Hermana Gutierrez has really helped me open my eyes again to the importance of high goals, faith, and an urgency to complete them.  She´s given me this new energy and fire for the work. We are literally working 24/7 and come home with sore feet and exhausted bodies but IT. IS. THE. GREATEST. I love her and I love this work!! 
In fact this week we decided to aim extra hard for that 7x7, plus not to mention we planned to tackle three 24 hour divisions as well. We were in for one let me tell ya, but we went in with a fast for strength, prayers in our hearts, and LOTS of faith; literally putting ourselves in the hands of the Lord.  We knew he would complete it if we did our part.  So we did!   And oh boy did we see miracles. 

The luz got cut so I have 5 minutes to tell you the greatest week of my life....
Saturday night we were looking for a less active when a young man about 17 years old passed by.  We turned and said hi.  He stopped, turned to us, and politely smiled waiting to hear what we had to tell him.  He was off to a dispensa or something to ask a question. We introduced ourselves and asked if he had a minute to share.  ¨Ya!¨  SWEET!  Luckily we had a member with us and we went to the park across the street, taught him a short but powerful lesson on prayer and prophets.  His name is Marcelo Ramos.  He is AWESOME. We left him with a folleto about the Restoration and a chapter (3 Nephi 11) to read in the Book of Mormon. Not only did he read both, but he CAME TO CHURCH yesterday, and NOW has a baptismal date for the 30th of April!!!! He is seriously prepared!!! Best part is, his Grandma and cousins are in the Campo Grande ward (we share buildings) and he had no idea. It was the most incredible thing to see that reunion because it has been years since he has seen or communicated with them! Oh this Gospel not only brings sheep unto the fold but families together literally.  I bawled so much.  The spirit literally has been so strong lately.  I guess it´s a testament that when you work hard you got the spirit.  This gospel is true. Si o Si.  LOVE YOU ALL.

con cariƱo,
Hermana Owen

P.S. Weather is cooling down!!! I LOVE IT! We were freezing last night! Sweaters and jackets are coming out! summer is leaving yay!

LOOK WHO WENT TO THE TEMPLE FINALLY!!!! Dilce Barrios who became one of our greatest friends and little missionaries in Loma!  She got baptized about a year ago now (just a few weeks before I arrived to Paraguay) and went to the temple this past week! We communicate through email! so exciting!!!
Santidad Al Senor, La Casa Del Senor

Hermana Gutierrez y Hermana Owen