Tuesday, December 24, 2013


WEEK  34                             It’s Christmas Time                          Dec 23, 2013

This was last night in Pedro Juan, which is literally on the border with brazil (lots of portuguese) and we did a christmas concert with the ramas in this fun park!  SO fun!! It´s CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! the girl in the red is named Camila and is 16 and is traveling to the US. (san Fransisco) Jan 17th with a group of 13 smart kids from paraguay to do service and other sorts of stuff and return and apply what they learned in paraguay.  you guys should be friends with her on facebook.  love you all tons! xoox love hill

"We'll be talking to you soon.."
AHHH IN LIKE TWO DAYS!!! And do you guys mind doing it at 7:30 in the morning?? or 8 ??? we are gonna go to the office and skype so it would work best schedule wise if we could do it at 11:30 or noon my time ?  :)

love hilly hna owen

Monday, December 16, 2013

I Saw A Monkey

                                                     Week 33
Well what a week.   First a little miracle in Campo Grande.  Hna Wood and I had plans for a certain part of our area one day but after being harshly rejected and no one being home we decided maybe we would head out to Neverland, one part of our area that we were kinda putting off because it is a good 30-40 walk away from everything.   We decided to go.  After walking two hours straight in the blistering sun, drenched in sweat, and descansada muchisimo, we decided to clap at this random house.  I remember there was no specific prompting but I had kept in mind something I heard the other day, that as long as we are giving our best and preparing all we can the Lord will provide.  I kept looking forward and as we clapped at this particular house, out walked a HUGE 15 year old kid.   Come to find out he has been assisting the church in a different area with some friends, glady accepted the baptismal question, and is already talking about serving a mission!  PURETTE!  (awesome in Guarani)
Speaking of Guarani- the native  language here in Paraguay.-  I will probably learning a lot this next week.  I am out in Yby Yaú with cute Hna Buss from Whyoming.  I think I failed to mention the tiny fact that Hermana Wood goes home this week and so does Hna Buss´s comp.  Changes aren´t until Jan 2 so I will finish Hna Buss´s training out here in Yby Yaú.  We will be working here for a week, then Campo Grande for Christmas and a week, and then return here for a bit before changes.  Yby Yaú is VERY different from Campo Grande.  The people are very poor here.  Not much civilization, lots of bugs, crazy crazy trees, chickens live with us, and their church building is smaller than our house it is adorable!  I am so excited to be here but definitely started crying this morning during comp study with Hna Wood.  I am gonna miss that girl so much.  We have grown so close especially in Christ.  Everyday we tell each other a ¨Que me hizo reír...¨  Something that made us laugh.  It has helped us keep a positive energy all the time in the work.  She amazes me.   
Today was Pday and we went and hiked up to this small mountian.  It is out here in the middle of nowhere land of Yby Yaú (pronounced like EE-vee-jaw-oo)  SAW three monkeys!  They were adorable but to far away.  I thought i could coax them over with cookies but no luck. Some day I will hold one.    Anyway,  I am so excited to spend Christmas here in Paraguay.  It´s so hot.  Mangos are falling.  And there are Christmas lights... but no Christmas music... still Guarani music (which sounds like polynesian music) and musica paraguayo.   I love this work so so much.  I have so many pics to send i think i will just wait till after the mish. But here is a couple from the hike today.   
Con Cariño,
Hna Owen
My Birthday celebration - a key lime pie cake - Yum
At our Thanksgiving Feast
Hermana Wood and I - On our way to the Mt. in the back ground

The beautiful view way out in Neverland

Hermana Wood and I made it to the mountain

Mangos are falling everywhere - It's getting hot and they are getting ripe

Merry Christmas from our Mission - Can you find me :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Key Lime Pie and Rivers

What a week...  Soaked twice literally just soaked and hiked myself through a few rivers (streets).  This week was SO fun!!!!  We celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving in the office with the office elders and president and his family.   Erin (16 yr. old daughter of president who is Ellie´s (cousin) blonde twin- I love her!) went on a long run with us that morning so we could eat a lot for thanksgiving.  Had chicken instead of turkey, but the stuffing was there and sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmellows!! YUM!  It was a blast and to top things off there was a choc. oreo pie and a key lime pie!! We walked home in a monsoon!! Soaked and walked through rivers to get to our house but it was so flipping fun.  We were practically singing and laughing the whole way home.  Hna Wood is seriously THE best!!  We have so much fun together and she is so chill.  Definitely an inspired change.  I LOVE the ward here.  They are so excited to have sisters. I got birthday wishes and calls etc. from people in Loma which was so sweet!
 Thank you all for you love, gifts, and cards!!! Familia Tajada, Sis. and Liv Huish, Sis. Riggs, Elder Groberg, Cami Brimhall, Sis. Knight, Sis. Laurent, Familia Owen (Dan and Heidi), The Burbidges, and the Browns, Grandma and Grandpa.  
I love you all so so much!!! I couldn´t be more grateful to all of you.  xoxo

I remember praying to leave on my birthday and just feeling this energy inside to go.  I am here for only a little less than a year more. WHAT! (Hillary will be home from the mission before she's 21, the age when she would have originally left prior to the age change - what a blessing - what a change in her path)  Merry Chirstmas as well everyone? wow time flies.  There was this sense of gratitude and joy that just lifted me off my feet and it hasn´t left since.  Seriously this gospel and spirit of the Lord keeps me going.  I love it.  It really is the greatest of the gifts I have ever received.  The Lord is just waiting to bless us.  Go and work. 

Divisions are SO fun and these girls seriously take my advice and look up to us. I really love this calling.  We cover all the hermanas in the mission.  There are 42 in total.  I love it so much!  I have traveled to Isla Bodgado so far and we have plans to travel to Itawa this week and some other fun places but it really is a joy to be serving and praying for the people of paraguay but with the sisters I am serving with here as well.  Éxitos para todos y mucho amor!!!
con cariño,
Hermana Owen

Quote:  ¨Live in such a way that those who don´t know Christ will want to know Christ, because they know you.¨
P.S. There is SOOO much more I could have told ya´ll but those were some sweet parts of my weeks!

Other Hermana's in my new zone getting dinner ready

Our Thanksgiving Feast, and they sang Happy Birthday to me

My old Zone

Me with Hermana Wood

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Up Your Heads !

Okay, so flip, I am loving life!  This email/week will be short despite all that has happened.  First off, I am a Sister Training Leader (Elder Wing who just returned from Paraguay said it's basically the AP for girls).  My job is pretty much to look over all the 42 sisters in the mission.  We go on divisions with each companionship, get to know them, help them, love them, and set goals with them.  I am super stoked because that means I/we get to travel a lot, so I will get to know a ton of areas.  I trained all the trainers last week with Sister Wood and got to see them all get their knew comps.  So exciting and so fun to watch all the newbies come in. It feels like yesterday that I was them, not understanding a lick of Spanish. 

So the knew area is great.  Mom and Dad you should just stop worrying about me, if you ever were or are.(yes)  I´m living in richville, well, compared to Loma actually and even compared to a lot of parts in the U.S.  There are tons of mansions.  I´m pretty sure every house in our area has air conditioning.  It does make it a little tough to find people... they aren´t as willing to listen, but it is a way fun area.  I feel like I am in downtown old Phoenix walking around.  HUGE beautiful houses with giant trees, like sky scrapers.  I wonder how old they are.  The ward is awesome as well.  We only get an assistance of 65-75 every Sunday but good news is we got a ton of stellar members (new and long time) willing to come track with us.  Right now we are mainly getting to know the members.  I believe Kenzie Freeman´s sister is in Hna Wood´s old ward in Mburucuya who meet in our same building.  Our building is so nice it has cushioned benches to sit on.  Primary program was Sunday, so cute.  I am in love with the Bishop´s daughter, Jade (sounds like Hady).  She looks like a little latino Greta (our cousin).  Our bishop is absolutely hilarious.  The ward literally feels like family already.  There are tons of people who remind me of people already, AND tons speak English.  So fun.

There are tons of huge and flying cockroaches where we live but it´s all good, it doesn´t bother me too much. The house is quaint.  I almost feel like I am in Greece because our walls are all white and the neighbors (dueños) play their Italian music.   It´s fun being in this area.  We are in the President´s ward and Hna Fuller´s (mission nurse) ward.  We had lunch at her house yesterday and she is so sweet to always include us, because really this is the office elder´s area but they are sharing it with us, because they don´t have full time missionaries. They work from 4:30 until night time but now we´re here and we´re working 24/7!   

It is hard being pulled away from your first area, I have to admit.  Yesterday Familia Adorno walked into our ward building because they came for the primary program of the other ward (they have family there).  I instantly started to cry!!  OH I will miss Loma so much.  The saddest part is that I 
didn´t get to say goodbye to anyone really but all is well.  I read a stellar scripture yesterday in Alma 8:15.   ¨ Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivest thy first message from him. Behold, I am he that delivered it unto you.¨   Lift up your heads and look.  The Lord is always blessing us.  He is so merciful.  He loves us so much. I find his love in one´s smile, the huge trees, fresh cold watermelon, manzanites (like cherries here), and my awesome comp.  I am reading so much of the Book of Mormon everyday!  More than I ever have and learning so much.  Well I´m off.  Wish me luck on this new journey.  ¨Lift up your head(s) and rejoice!"  LOVE you all so so much!! ROHAYHU!!

Con Cariño,
Hermana Owen

Oh P.S.  what made me laugh... we were contacting.  Había una gate that was open so Hermana Wood walks up and says, ¨Shut the gate, and ring the bell.¨ in a casual routine manner (if that makes sense) and then flip flip I ´m shoutin ¨Don´t shut the gate Don´t shut the gate!!!¨ As it starts falling over on us! hahaha...  Luckly it didn´t fall all the way over.  We were all good.  There are gonna be lot´s of fun stories from this area i can already tell.  Well that´s all folks.  And we´re out.
My new district

Making yummy dinner and dessert with Hermana Wood

Celia's Baptism - a glorious day !!!!!

My favorite picture even though it's blurry, 
I just love little Emma, we were laughing so hard and she was so squirmy 

Saying goodbye to my Hermanas

Saying Goodbye to Celia and the girls.  I will miss them so much.  Kristchian is in Japan

The big frogs everywhere.   They are as big as my hand 

The morning I said goodbye to Hermana Silva.  Tears !!

I am TRUE RED NECK now !
Hermana Wood and I out tracting in our new area

Celia's baptism day again - All Clean

Dessert at our Thanksgiving feast and birthday party for me.  They made me key lime pie (cake) Yum
Hermana Wood and I tracting again.  Hermana Fuller (nurse) lives near and came out to say hi.
We clap instead of knock. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

ME VOY !!!

13 And it acame to pass that the voice of the Lord came to them in their afflictions, saying: Lift up your heads and be of good comfort, for I know of the covenant which ye have made unto me; and I will covenant with my people and deliver them out of bondage.
 14 And I will also ease the aburdens which are put upon your shoulders, that even you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage; and this will I do that ye may stand asbwitnesses for me hereafter, and that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their cafflictions.
 15 And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord didastrengthen them that they could bear up their bburdens with ease, and they did submit cheerfully and with cpatience to all the will of the Lord.
Found this scripture this week when I was a little down about my numbers and what not. Sometimes we just find ourselves in a gutter and don´t know how to get out. Everyone should read ¨After All We Can Do¨ by Robbie Pierce.  The Lord always has his arms out stretched to us even when we are blind to the fact.  I was reminded of a simple truth this past week when I received a letter from a friend.  In it he stated that ¨my walk with God...is...¨  I was touched.  What an outlook, for all of us to adapt to our lives, right.  Our Savior is always with us, we have to look to him and remember him.   

This week a crazy storm hit and we had to run and take cover for 20 minutes or so until the crazy part past. You literally couldn´t hear anything and the rain was just pounding.  Hna Silva and I were only out in it for a few minutes running from a house of an investigator and taking cover in a near by dispensia.  Anyway later that evening I was freezing.   We were contacting and I was thinking ¨why, why ,why??..¨ No one would let us in, it was freezing, there was wind, and we were soaking.  uh.  But then I remembered... to look up.  I forgot to ask ¨what?¨ :)  What can I learn from this... what a fun story to tell my kids when I am older.   Then to top things off with a cherry… Celia and Kristhian got their car back so they can drive us around and are always more than willing to and practically jumped for joy when we asked them to accompany us to visit with some investigators.  We visited familia Reyes.  Ramona, the mother, almost has an answer.  She is praying so hard and came to church yesterday.  I love them so much.  With the knowledge of the plan of salvation it has helped and comforted them so much.  Testimonies of Celia and Kristhian were just off the charts. Oh, absolutely PERFECT!!!  We passed by Kristhian and Celia in a momento dificil just like familia Reyes and they bore testimony to what a blessing we and this message has been to them.  This was Friday and Celia was blowing me away.  Her testimony is rock solid... should have heard her at her baptism.  Oh amazing.  She said I have never been more sure that this IS the camino Dios preparo por todos. It is so true.  This is the path our Lord prepared for EVERYONE of us since the beginning.

Speaking of the baptism, oh it was incredible. Kristhian received the priesthood yesterday morning and had the opportunity to baptize Celia.  Today early in the morning he left on a 3 week vacation to Japan.  Incredible how the Lord works.  His time table is perfect.  Celia couldn´t have been happier.  Her girls were so cute as well.  Jazmin was the happiest I have seen.  Precious little moment:  As Kristhian and Celia were waiting Jazmin and I walked over to look at the font.  She took my hand and I looked down at her... she wore the biggest smile and gave me a big hug telling me how excited she is for the day her dad will baptized her.  :)  I will never forget the day my dad baptized me.  A moment unforgetable and I will always remember the peaceful feeling that just flooded over me.  Jazmin turns 8 the 21 de Febrero.


#1:  Asistencia en la Iglesia ayer: 170 personas!!!

#2:  ME VOY!!!!  Serious. I will be all tears the next few days leaving my dearest Loma Pyta and my dearest hija Hermana Silva. Oh I want to cry… I won´t be spending my birthday or Christmas in Loma!!!  I am going to miss everyone so flippin much.  And just when I felt like I knew everyone so well. Loma is my home!  I will have spent almost 6 meses aquí.   Soooo... want to hear where I am going ??  :)
Campo Grande!! It is behind the Caballería in Loma, so practically neighbors. Happy I am not headed too far.   PLUS, para que sepan.... I will be companions with Hermana WOOD!!! She is currently a Sister Training Leader and her comp leaves Thursday, which means... Hermana Owen (me :) will be... the new Sister Training Leader!!!  Ya I am kinda freakin out as well but super stoked. Super sad to leave Celia. Haven´t told anyone yet and I don´t know what to do cuz I have one day to say goodbye to everyone!! Oh I want to cry!!!   All is well, all is well.

Forgot to mention a stellar part of the baptism ayer... Hermana Pelicó, Hermana Vasquez, Hermana Silva, y yo cantamos, ¨I am a Child of God,¨ First verse in Spanish, second in English, and third is GUARANI!  I am in love with guarani!! I am learning a ton but don´t worry focusing on the Spanish.  The book of mormon goal is coming mas o menos.  I am striving.  I wish you all a fabulous week.  
Con mucho Cariño y un beso (like Celia always says over the phone), 
Hermana Owen 

P.S.  Pday was super fun... fuimos para montar bicicletas en el Botanico (it´s like a forest/garden/zoo)  and oh my life it was absolutely amazing!! Giant trees, covered in vines, and bright orange flowers blossoming, as clouds passed over and the breeze just ran against my face.  Oh I really needed that.  This work is exhausting sometimes. But  I love it.  RO HAY HU! (I love you in guarani)
this wasw our fun pday,  it was a BLAST!! biked through THE most beautiful place!!! oh HUGE great Botanica se llama with GIGANTIC trees covered in moss
and blooming flowers, tons of clouds and breeze so fun!!

haha puede ver how bad i was sweating my arms were dripping and my face yuck

Monday, November 11, 2013

Listen With Love

Today is beautiful.  We had a chill p-day; i wrote two letters! haha two.  ya.  Anyway this week was great.   My numbers aren´t as great as they use to be but I am striving.  Hna Silva and I enjoy every second together and set awesome goals every week to help.  Exciting news I ran every day this passed week and I have never felt better!  

Tomorrow we get to see Elder D. Todd Christofferson!!  Super super excited.  I did a special fast and have been preparing some questions.  It will be awesome.  

I am listening to Music with a Message as I type this and I think I have a new favorite church song. Holy amazing!!! It is ¨He Hears Me¨?? By somebody Osborn.  So So so amazing!!! 

This week we had a neat experience... We were out walking in the streets late one night and all we needed was one more lesson with an investigator with a member present, yet this particular member family kept popping into my head. I was torn.  But we seriously weren't around any of our investigators... well those who we were close to couldn´t meet with us, so we went to the Culman Family´s house (a member family).  They are a darling little family and absolutely awsome but lately have been skipping out on the first two meetings... coming only for sacrament.  So we showed up and had an awesome lesson.  We started with doctrine and they literally just started opening up to us.  The reason they haven´t been as strong lately is because they can´t feel the spirit when a certain member in the bishopric is conducting, because his spanish isn´t too good and he´s not formal?  (I guess you could say)   I just wanted him to see past that.   So I shared my experience of arriving in the mission and seriously not being able to understand but two words in a lesson.  I felt disqualified and there was no spirit to be felt because I had no clue what we were talking about.  Then I related that I had been reading a talk where we must learn to ¨listen with love¨!  Hno Culman had been talking like the whole time just complaining slash telling us why it bugs them and that they have done ¨everything¨ possible to help him but nothing is changing.  Often times it is ¨us¨ who need to change.  Sometimes - all the time, right?  we should be looking inwardly not outwardly.    He looked up at me in silence after i said that and he said, you know i need to try that.  "listen with love".  He looked down at the ground a little humbled by the thought.  Quiero testificar cuando escuchamos con amor (I want to testify that when we listen with love) we really understand a lot more and it´s because of the spirit, we are happier about our work, and find joy in what the Lord has called us to do and doing his will.  I love you all dearly. Sorry this week was a lil rushed. xoxo

Con Cariño,
Hill Hna Owen

p.s. still small voice by mindy gledhill - it is so fun!!!  

"We become what we want to be, by consistently being what we want to become."                 -Richard G. Scott

Hermana Owen y Hermana Silva
Hermana Owen y Hermana Silva

El Libre de Mormon in the morning

Service Project with our Zone

Pizza and cookies con Ruiz Dias Familia

Hair Cuts :) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013



        What a week.   First off, Hna Silva and I were blown away with how many menos activos we found.  Seriously, we contacted like 6 or more in one single day!  It´s crazy to think that there are in reality a little over 600 member here in this ward but only 200 mas o menos that are active.  One group will be in church one week and another the other.  We usually get an average of 100 members that come every week.  BUT... this week... guess what?  our asistencia was…!?  140!!!  No lie.  My heart was so full.  Plus it was fast and testimony meeting.  We had tons of less actives come!!   18 to be exact.   Pelusa Vasquez, this cute 21 year old who we have recently been visiting and she was like pumped to come back.  Then we had Flia Pavón come again.  Bishop announced, I believe, 5 or 6 of the young men in our ward who are preparing for missions.  Made me cry because three in particular I have been praying for and we have been visiting/talking to them about the mission.  One of them, Miguel Britos, got baptized within the last year.  He bore his testimony, along with Alejandro Rivarola, and Luis Zabala.  The entire familia Almirón got up and bore their testimonies. They are such a solid family and it was so awesome.

        They (flia almirón) gave us sombreros cuz, HOLY cow, the sun is coming out.  I have never sweated like this in my life.  You seriously are wet 24/7 - bleh.  And it´s not just sticky wet it´s like dripping!  haha - but hey it rained twice this week so it cooled down.  Wednesday it poured like no other and we were walking home from a service project that we were doing with our zone near our area.  Everything was dripping.  We came home quickly changed and left the house again with rain jackets, boots, and umbrellas to find the sun had come out.  I wanted to get a picture of the streets but didn´t get a chance to cuz it was pouring too hard.  They were literally like rivers and running super fast. 

         Oh exciting news... saw my first ZAPO!!! Frog -  I haven´t looked it up in the dictionary yet, but there are Zapos and Ranas.  The big ones are called Zapos. It was in the street when we were contacting one night.  Bigger than my hand with cool spots all over.  They make the weirdest sounds here. It´s hilarious, a lot more than just ¨ribbut¨.   They cry and chirp like crickets.  Super rraro.  

         Okay so we taught lesson 2 (Plan of Salvation) a lot this week.  Two lessons in particular I wanted to tell you guys about.  First, we had a lesson with familia Almirón and Flia Duarte (Kristhian, our new member :), and Celia).  Man, I am telling you guys the spirit just took it away.  Celia was so attentive and willing to listen.  When Hno and Hna Almirón started talking about the temple, Celia had THE biggest smile on her face.  They told her about baptisms, which was PERFECT because they just happened to have gone to the temple the other day and do family names so hno Almirón was crying and bearing his testimony. So powerful.  Then they mentioned being sealed for time and all eternity.  Celia and Kristhian both wore the biggest smiles like ¨please let´s go right now¨ and this energy of joy just filled the room.  We sang ¨Soy un Hijo de Dios¨ (I am a Child of God) to finish.  It was so powerful. 

        Second, remember familia Reyes ?  well, we went back, and every time sweet Ramona  (the mom) was happier and happier.  We taught her about the plan of salvation and she said a peace and joy just filled her heart as we asked her what this new conocimiento meant to her.  It was so sweet!  An answer de Dios, hello!  Plus she said she has been praying and one neat part is that she has been thinking about our message lately and she says when she prays for help or thinks of us we happen to pass by.  Seriously, the Lords hand is in this work; it is his work, right? :)  I love being a part of it, every minute of every day.  Worrying about the salvation of others (what really matters in life) instead of having to worry about school, friends, the mundane things. 

         I am reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish all the way through (finishing it). The goal was before my birthday but now I am changing it to Christmas :) It was little too daunting (20 pages a day or 10 hojas)  loco... so I am shooting for Christmas but seriously I have already noticed an increase in my understanding of Spanish and speaking.  Oh and wanted to say how much I love this ward.   They really have become like my family and I wish I could serve my whole mission here in Loma.  It has been an absolute blast.  We have lots of goals, activities, and altas expectativas for the ward especially to increase our asistencía.  

I love you all so much.   xoxo

Con Cariño,
Hermana Owen

"We become what we want to be, by consistently being what we want to become."
                   -Richard G. Scott

Monday, October 28, 2013

"Lift Up Your Head and Rejoice"

So I know 27 is my lucky number... but I don´t know if any week could surpass this last.  It was OFF. THE. CHARTS. I have this huge list of incredible things that took place and I could seriously write 10 pages or more so mom when I get home (in a year) we need to go back and reminisce over this week.  Don´t let me forget to tell you.  
The list:   ...I will highlight a few...

1. Hermano Kristhian Duarte Vazquez was baptised at 6 pm on Saturday, October 26th and I couldn´t have asked for anything better.  The spirit was SO strong, the whole bishopric was present, tons of ward members came and Kristhian´s family, we had members bear testimonies while waiting which had Kristhian´s mom go right down to bawlin, and tons of food afterward.  Success!!  Celcia hugged me afterward and we both started to cry and she whispered in my ear before pulling away, ¨Voy a recordarle siempre en mi corazón.¨ Seriously I love them so much. WE are going to their house tonight for family night.  
They made empanadas after the baptism.  Yum

His sign says "Gracias Hermana Goimarac"
She was Hillary's last companion that helped teach Kristian

2.  Erin, Pte. McMullin´s daughter salio con nosotros ayer.  President and Erin came to church with us. Sacrament was focused on missionary work and my comp bore her testimony. She is so awesome.  President also spoke and gosh the spirit was so strong.  Kristhian got confirmed and I wrote do/tried to write down all of it so we can type it up and give it to him.  Anyway it was so fun to have Erin come with us.  She is a mix of Ellis and Mish.  Hilarious I felt like I was hangin out with my family :) She is doing so well in Spanish and it was neat to watch her figure out how to explain things in the lesson.  It made me realize I actually have progressed a bit in my spanish BUT still have a long way to go.  I am seriously learning SOO much though living with these 3 latinos!! It is so awesome!

3. So yesterday we had a realtively low asistencia for Loma (91 asistencia) which I had no idea until after church cuz I was so pumped with gozo en mi alma we had the WHOLE ENTIRE (you ready for this Faith??) PAVÓN FAMILIA en la Iglesia!!! Serious. Not lying.  They ALL came and their son spoke with the bishop about starting mission papers!!! Ya I was about to cry with joy. Gloria, Milagros, and Faviola (who is so ready to be baptized) came to church.  Long time no see!  Cuz I am working on the other side of the transchaco (giant main road).  and.... CELIA CAME!!! It was so cute, Kristhian was waiting by the door until she came.  They sat on the front row and his blessing/confirmación was beautiful.

4.  Another golden moment was that this young man- Gorge Casco, 25 years old- came to church.  We have never met him. He has never heard of the church, suele passes by no mas and was curious so he came.  WHAT!! yahhaha!! We talk him with cute little miss Erin after church and he´s already a new. Could get baptized this month on the 16th that is when we are gonna put a date for Celia.  We asked him if he had any questions about what he learned or heard, and he said I would like to know more about Joseph Smith and just more about what you teach.  Uhaha lesson one please!  Chaching!  You guys the Lord is preparing people left and right.  As long as we are prepared the Lord will place them in our paths. 

5. Hna Duarte and his experience with prayer that day... the Lord prepared him for the NDH it was so cool!

6. Sunrise, Sunset... incredible!  I got a picture of the sunrise and seriously if I had a latter I probably could ahve touched the clouds that were passing over my head from where I stood on the roof.  The sunset the night before wasw UNREAL. Sometimes I just stand and gape at the beauty of this country. Bright yellows, oranges, and hot pinks lit the horizon with dark thin purple clouds behind this thick green field and tall paraguayan mango trees.  I love it here. 

7.  Some of our investigatores (recent as of last week)  came to the ward activity.  First ones there and we had a BLAST with them! We showed them around the church and they loved it!  They have tons of potential. They are a huge family and want me to organize a class to teach them English how fun huh! I think we are going to cuz Gorge and tons others are asking! :) 

8.  Had probably one of the coolest experiences yet.  I was super discouraged and overwhelmed the other day. I just wasn´t happy for some reason.   I knelt in prayer begging my Heavenly Father to help me find peace and feel happy. I did something I haven´t done in a while. I thumbed the side of my scirptures, knowing that I have recieved answers before by just opening up to a random page, and opened to Alma 8 and read verse 14-16.  The spirit rushed over and I literally fell to my knees in humility and just started praying to my Heavenly Father saying ¨Thank you thank you thankyou¨. I love the scriptures so much.  The Lord knows us so well. I think we often forget that simple truth. We truly can recieve person revelation.  I have no doubt about it.  I´ll let you read those verses, but from em my favorite part says, ¨lift up your head and rejoice¨  So that´s my quote this week.  I love you all so much. xoxo 

Con mucho cariño,
Hermana Owen 

Hillary made Crepes for her companion


A ward party

Love the purple flowers in front of this humble little house

Me and my companion