Monday, February 24, 2014

Rollin' 24/7

Elder Ballard- "when you're involved in the work of the Lord, the power behind you is always greater than the obstacles before you" that is from my dear friend and old comp the one and only Hna Wood.  

This week was literally on fire!  Gosh I felt like the spirit was rollin 24/7 between my comp and I and the work.   We have a fun new goal of reading words from Thomas S. Monson, so when people ask us, ¨Wow, if God speaks with man, what has his Prophet said most recently.¨ Like it says in 1 Peter 3:15 always be prepared to give people a reason for the hope that is within you.  

This week we went to try and visit an investigator with Hna Elena Jara.  The investigator wasn´t home.  We thumbed through our agenda deciding where to go, what to do, then we looked down the street behind us and decided to head in that direction.  As we headed down the street, we found a cute girl, long black hair, dressed in skull-decour and decided to contact her.  She was very solomn.  There was something wrong you could just tell.  We gave her a pamphlet and began to walk away but as we did I caught eyes with her. She looked as if she was on the verge of tears.  What more could give me the hint to, ¨HELLO SHARE WITH HER,¨ but in a contacting shuffling mood we left.  We had only walked a block, I stopped and said I felt we should probably go back.  Hna Tomco, so cute, not thinking a split second said, ¨Probably?  If you think let´s go! She´s right there!¨   I love her.  We returned and sat down with her.  We introduced ourselves properly this time and asked her how her day was going.  ¨good...¨ she suggested as she took a sip of her sprite and shoved her empanada in her bag.  Then as she screwed on the cap she went to tears.  ¨... Bad...¨  and she just broke down.  We wrapped our arms around her and told her that she has a father in heaven who loves her, who knows her, and a Savior whose arms are always extended out to her. We gave one of the neatest lesson of my life, on the power of the atonement and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She doesn´t live in our area but she was incredible.  She is a darling young woman,18, and has the most incredible dreams and aspirations but because of decisions and I think an unstable home life she has had to settle for less.  This gospel will change her life. You should have seen the light that was just beaming from her eyes in the end of the lesson.  

Everyday I fall more and more in love with the people of Paraguay and my mission.  Something clicked this week, like in my heart.  I don´t know.  I have noticed how things that used to be of importance no longer are.  The mission has helped me have such a change of heart.  I spoke yesterday in sacrament with Hna Tomco and I started out describing what Paraguay is to me.  It got the crowd a little teary eyed and then ME TOO!  Man, I love this country and these people SO much!  I´ll describe more next week.  We´re gettin kicked out of the cyber. It is closing!  love you all !!

con mucho cariƱo,
Hermana Owen

the pic is han rodriguez! we traveled out 8 hrs. this week to ConcepciĆ²n!!  This is a real live Lamanite!!! She speaks Nivaclae which is a clickish language.  I love her!!! She lives in ¨Abundancia¨  it is land bought by the church and everyone there is mormon! crazy right!  she is darling.
BY THE WAY... did you all know that Paraguay was THE FIRST lamanite teaching mission!!! What the cool right! 
love love love you all!