Monday, October 14, 2013

Serious Joy !

Week 25                                    Serious Joy                           October 13, 2013

It´s a rainy day and the weather is perfect.  I love rainy days.  I want to play some oldies music like Frank Sinatra oh por favor and curl up with a good movie... ha who am i kidding.  Life couldn´t get better. I´m todavía en Loma Pyta, Paraguay.  I´m enjoy my usual caramels as I write my weekly email :)  I´m TRAINING!  the cutest Bolivian sister. I am living with 3 latinas... ya I am stoked my spanish is going to sky rocket! (I hope)  I´m preaching the gospel EVERYDAY. I am bringing the world his truth. :)   

This week has been a little crazy but we are getting a handle on things.  Shout out to Faith Goimarac!!! Hope you returned and hope safely as well wonderful Hermana Homer!!  So Monday and Tuesday I was a little uptight/worried just of what was comin (a few tears were shed), so Tuesday I asked my zone leader (Elder Oharra-awesome, just finished his mission with elder bredsguard)  for a blessing (my first one recieved in Spanish!) and seriously I haven´t been stressed or sad or worried since.  I seriously am loving this change so far.

 My comp is awesome.  She is from Cochabamba Bolivia!  Hermana Silva se llama. She is beautiful... looks almost hawaiian or polynesian.  She is wonderful!!!  A little timid, a sweet heart, super chillax, and patient :)  We have had a rough start (as in our part of the area the people never let you in their houses) but we are praying a lot together and we set some awesome goals this week in weekly planning I have no doubt in my mind the work is gonna pick up.  

My favorite part of this week was probably our lesson with Kristian and Celia Duarte.  We taught them about baptism and confirmacion. It was probably one of the neatest lessons.  I was studying a ton for them cuz seriously they are SOOO close to baptism and I didn´t want one lesson to go wrong just cuz I am a weak teacher or can´t speak spanish very well.   All I can say, is that the spirit took over.  Hermana Silva and I were workin like gold.  The spirit was so strong.  We had Celia read Mosiah 18:8-10, and then I asked Kristian to read  verses 12-14 putting his name where Alma´s is and Celia´s or Jasmine´s (his daughter) where Helam´s is. It was so powerful!! I have never seen bigger smiles on their faces, especially Celia´s. They were practically begging us to get baptized at that point.  So Kristian will be getting baptized the 26th of this month (A DAY BEFORE  HOMECOMING TALK, FAITH!!) and wants to then receive the priesthood to baptize Celia and Jasmine!!!!!! Ahhhhh I just wanted to just for joy as they couldn’t back smiling and looked at each other serious joy my friends.  Oh I love this work.  It is truth.  It is freedom.  It is joy.  It is life. Hermana Silva gave each other the biggest hug (where hna Goimarac and i always would) by the big tree down their street.  

It has been a little tough otherwise to be accepted into homes and teach. We split our are down the transchaco and the side we have I hardly ever visited before.  Although, it is a tougher area it´s kinda like startin a new area because I haven´t really work that much over there.  Maybe I´ll send ya a map fam so you can see what a monster of an area I have bee working in. It´s huge, such a blessing we have 4 hermanas now.  It is super exciting!    

Anyway that´s about it.  Oh and this Saturday is my comps birthday!! I am going to attempt to make mountains or pancakes and buttermilk syrup! :)  If you want send some letters for her.  She would love that!! I would love that (family :) love you ALL so so much!!!! Go to work!

Some good words of wisdom from Elder Bednar this week in the Liahona, ¨You can do this! The Lord you represent and serve knows you can do this. I know you can do this.¨ It´s true, if the Lord trusts me, I will put my trust in him.  :)  
con cariño, 
Hermana Owen

P.S. didn´t see kenzie freeman´s sister at stake conference slash didn´t have much time to look but  hopefully i will one day.

P.S.S.  THE MANGOS ARE BLOOMING!!!! AND They are THE best mangos I have every eaten in my life!!!!  creamy and super juicy!
yaya"!! can´t wait i love you mom!!!! :)  it´s hna silva´s birthday THIS WEEK!

Me, Hermana Silva con Presidente
                                             the "moms" (trainers) and all the "decendants"... down the line.... 
                                                                   from trainer to daughter, trainer to daughter etc. :)
Hermana Silva and I in front of house, arrival day

This morning, working out on our roof top

"The morning sky"

"We ate at Pizza Hut-Yah you heard that right and all you can eat."

Best Roller Coaster Ride Yet to Come

Week 24                           Flame your Faith                  October 7th 2013

So everyone tells me the missionary just gets better with time, but seriously I don´t know if anything could surmount this past week. It was... for lack of better words, off the charts.  Sooo mayber I take that back, cuz our numbers were really low and there weren´t any baptisms, BUT I practically did everything a missionary doesn´t have the priviledge of doing. 
So let´s begin... Tuesday we recieved a call from President McMullin, bueno our phone wasn´t working for a day so the Elders in San Jorge walked all the way to our house cuz it was urgent that president needed to talk to us.  Hermana Goimarac was goin home early.  Bueno we practically had a half week cuz of packing and doing recuerdo shopping/imigration stuff and conference.  The office elders also brought furniture to our house cuz we will now have 4 sisters serving in Loma.  Ya I am splitting and organizing the area!! AHHHH!! So much to do so little time! Pray for me! Can I do this??
Friday I was priviledged to go with the Hermana Goimarac and Hermana Homer to immigrations and then recuerdo shopping.  Got some fun stuff but I won´t say cuz i want it to be a surprise.  Also I am sending stuff home with Elder Bredguard on Wednesday. Sent a Christmas gift home with Hermana Goimarac.  So ya she left last night. It was hard to see her go and I am a little nervous cuz today I recieved notice that I, yes I Hermana Hillary Owen will now be training!!! Who knows if it will be a latino or norte americano pero vamos a saber en miercoles.  Me voy a las 8 en la mañana.  There are apparantly more north americans than latinos.  Hermana Toctaquiza is with me until then here in Loma otra vez :)  and she will be training as well!!   She´s now a grandma (cuz I will be training- mi primera hija).   

Anyway, Friday was like a free day, right?   I went to the distribution center with them, and out to eat (got a yummy hummus plate) and the best part... GOT TO DO A TEMPLE SESSION WITH THEM!!! It was so perfect cuz it was hermana goimarac, hermana homer (other hna goin home), hermana mcmullin (pres. wife), hermana fuller (the nurse), and I ... well along with other paraguayans.  But seriously I am VERY lucky that I got this opportunity. Cuz we only get to go to the temple once a year and at the end of our missions.  The spirit was so incredible.  It was such a boost, especially before conference.  

Cool story, we were in the temple in the waiting room studying from 2 to 3:30 until sessions started and hna fuller and mcmullin came.  Anyway the electrical power was out in the area. The temple president came and sat down to tell us the sad news that we might not be able to do a session cuz the movie and lights keep goin out.  Hna Goimarac was a little heart broken.  It had to happen.  I took all the faith I had and hoped with high expectations that of course it would work :)  As we were sitting and waiting I went into the room next door (bueno the shower in the bathroom haha) knelt down and prayed.  I prayed in faith, asking for this session to work and believing that it would.  IT DID. :)  Oh it was such a treat to be there again.  A lady in our ward, Hna Suarrez (LOVE HER!!) helped me is the session.  It was a  little tender mercy cuz we are really close with her family. Seriously I was so lucky that I got to do that, I don´t think you guys realize.

Conference was awesome wasn´t it.  There were so many good talks.  I got to watch one in English and the rest in Spanish.  It was hard to pay attention to the ones in Spanish.  

Also after Conference,  I had el gran privilegio a comer en la casa del Presidente McMullin. One, their house is a mansion.  I definitely did not feel like I was in Paraguay.  It was so fun.  They made us feel like family.  We were treated to salad, delicious chicken, mash potatoes, and BROCCOLI!! Tambien Erin their cute 15 yr old made donut muffins (with cinnamon sugar on top) and Hermana Mcmullin made us cake with homemade whip cream for dessert. Afterward, we sat down on CLEAN soft COUCHES and shared testimonies.  Then their family skyped in and we said a quick hello and then it was off to Hermana Fuller´s house where I said goodbye to Hermana Goimarac (tear) and sweet Hermana Homer.   We picked up the infamous Hermana Toctaquiza!!! and Presidente brought us back here to Loma.  
So Erin is so cute and reminds me a ton of Ellie in her mannerisms and the way she talks.  She asked me if she could come on splits with me one time.  That´s just where she comes out with my comp and I.  Well that sums up the amazing week.  My heart is full and seriously I have so many emotions running through me right now.  Am I really going to train?!!   If the Lord trusts me, hey I trust him.  It´s kinda like hiking the first climb of a roller coaster.  I just want to close my eyes and get rid of the anxiety that is building in my stomach.  But hey who knows this might be the best roller coaster ride yet!  I'll hold on tight.   Work my hardest.  I know I´m going to learn a lot.  I am pretty much organizing two new areas cuz two new sisters are comin (already said that).  So got a big climb ahead. I will keep you all updated. For now, I am puttin my faith in the Lord.  I loved the talk, ¨Lord, I Believe¨ by Jeferey R. Holland in conference on Saturday.  first and forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe.

Sorry that coppied a little  large :) but he is awesome.  Love you all so so much.  This gospel is incredible. Remember the Lord hears your prayers, and is aware of every tiny little thing or concern in your life.  He loves us so much.  

Con Cariña y animos :)
Hermana Owen

           Sister Goimarac, her last companion who just got home on the 9th - and their Green Juice - Yum

Tea Time

Week 23                  Tea Time with Hermana Guillen                           Sept 30th

Wow! One week left with Hermana Goimarac!  Where has time gone! I feel like she just got here.  This week felt like a month but flew by unbelievably fast at the same time.  Time is just weird in the mission.  My knee is recovering well.  It really was a miracle.  I was limping all Sunday night, rested and took it easy/icing it all Monday and seriously by Tuesday I was able to kneel down and pray on it and walk sin problema.  Un Milagro. So thank you for those who were praying... I know someone was cuz it was a straight up miracle. When the Lord needs work done, he always provides the means for us to accomplish it.

We had a wonderful Christmas this week! We got lucky and it was a cold Christmas Eve... we read that Christmas story you sent me mom by President Eyring.  SO GOOD.  We sang Christmas songs in Spanish, English, and Guarani all day.  Christmas morning we woke up to presents :) and made cinnamon rolls while listening to Christmas music. Oh I wish you all could be here to share these fun moments with me. We also had some beautiful runs this week.  The weather has been so nice.  

Okay so church yesterday was AMAZING!  We had Kristian Duarte and his two little girls again.  I swear that man is going to get baptized and instantly be made stake president.  He is awesome.  Read half of the Liahon (with last April´s conference talks in it) on Saturday! Unreal right.  As a family they are watching less tv cuz he says it distracts from the spirit they feel when they come to church and when we visit.  They are learning and improving so much.  They are so accepting of all the principles we teach and… holy life, Celia (his wife) is like a master on Alma already.  Ya! the book in the Book of Mormon.  She was commenting to us the other day about how much she loves the books and all the war chapters.  What!?  I know, I am amazed too. She said she signed up on the Mormon facebook page haha.  We just need to get her to church, but Kristian really enjoys coming and the girls as well.  The ward was so good this Sunday about sitting by him and making him feel welcome.   I have really seen a difference as we have learned to first set the example.   The missionary work in our ward is picking up so much with the members it is incredible.  We had 17 lessons this week just with less actives or nuevos conversos and holy powerful.  

Thursday night Hna Goimarac and I were headed home and all we needed was one lesson more, but lessons with less actives or new converts don´t count in the ¨lesson¨ category.   I thought we should really pass by for Dilce, but I kinda brushed off the thought... I kept thinking how selfish of me to just want to reach our goals when maybe Dilce is the one who really needs our visit.  Then as we were passing Dilce´s street I thought of another investigator that maybe we could go to with Dilce and told Hna Goimarac.  We decided to pass by and to my humbling surprise we found Dilce outside her house just in tears. She hasn´t been to church in 2 weeks.  The neat thing was she realized and told us that´s why she is not happy.  She said she has just felt solo and like Satan is really working on her.  She recognized our visit as an answer to her prayers.  We talked about the Savior and sang ¨Where Can I Turn For Peace.¨  It was such a blessing the Lord helped me think of that other investigator otherwise we probably wouldn´t have stopped by for her, and she probably wouldn´t have come to church, etc. etc.  But I am so grateful for the little thoughts of good we have. Those really are promptings of the spirit. Dilce came to church yesterday and she was happier than ever. Also familia Salas and Ruis Diaz (a big family)  They ALL came.  Lili this cute 20 year old and Dilce would be great friends so we are gonna have a lesson with those 2 this week.  That will be really good for both of them to have a friend in the church.  Hno Ruis Diaz has always had work on Sundays so he doesn´t usually come.  Stinkin Super Seis (everyone works on Sundays).   Anyway to our sad yet exciting surprise we found out (Friday afrternoon) that he quit his job there.  We had had a lesson with them the week before about sacrificing for the Lord.  He says it´s cuz he was having problems with his boss, but I think he kind of did for his family as well.  They are all baptized, but now they will have the chanced to be SEALED in the TEMPLE!!! That´s our next goal.  :)

Last night we had an awesome NDH in el hogar de familia Bogado and then cute Hermano Guillen (not sure if I have told you about him) invited us over for a little goodbye party for Hna Goimarac.  He really loves our visits, cuz his daughter is really changed (Laura Guillen) since we have been coming over.  She hasn´t gone to church since she was 13 when her mom died. She lives with her dad and compañero (they´re not married) and her 6 month old baby Ernesto.  Anyway she gets so excited and lights up everytime we come over now.  I love watching the spirit of this gospel change people.  It is the Spirit of Christ... the spirit of Christmas.  They are adorable.  We had hot cocoa in Hno Guillen´s tea set, with galletitas and scones. I love them.  I want to draw Hno Guillen. He is the most darling old man.  He almost looks Italian... a bald head and patches of hair on either side with his cool little stache.

Anyway, lots happened this week and oh I painted!! got a water color set for Christmas!  We have changes next week.  Hermana Goimarac goes home (I am sad for her to leave, but excited for what the Lord has in store.  I´m afriad that may be training!? :)  Wish me luck and wish us luck this last week together.  We´re endin with a bang.  Seriously a bang though... a big talent show Friday night for all and GENERAL CONFERENCE!! I am SOOOOO excited!!! Seriously I am craving it and can´t wait.  Know that I´ll be watchin it with ya´ll.  Love you all so so much. 

This week was fabulous hope you all are well!

Con mucho cariño,
Hermana Owen

p.s. natalia´s baptism is on hold for another week or so. but she is continually progressing it is amazing to watch the atonement take effect in her life. 


hey i am comin back in a few to write but i was wonderin in the mean time if any of ya had some fun/funny skit ideas hna goimarac and i could do for the talent show we have for this friday! we feel super pressured cuz everyone expects the misionaries to do the funniest biggest act! yikes! haha love you all so much! hope your week is goin well! my knee is tons better! it was a miracle it got better in like two days!!

Teresa Tejada, Hillary’s reply –“ya they are seriously the cutest. they write EVERY WEEK ??!!! I LOVE them and i feel so bad i don´t always reply :) send them my love for me”   :)
and tamara larsen :) she always writes me dear elders, she is so sweet