Thursday, December 5, 2013

Key Lime Pie and Rivers

What a week...  Soaked twice literally just soaked and hiked myself through a few rivers (streets).  This week was SO fun!!!!  We celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving in the office with the office elders and president and his family.   Erin (16 yr. old daughter of president who is Ellie´s (cousin) blonde twin- I love her!) went on a long run with us that morning so we could eat a lot for thanksgiving.  Had chicken instead of turkey, but the stuffing was there and sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmellows!! YUM!  It was a blast and to top things off there was a choc. oreo pie and a key lime pie!! We walked home in a monsoon!! Soaked and walked through rivers to get to our house but it was so flipping fun.  We were practically singing and laughing the whole way home.  Hna Wood is seriously THE best!!  We have so much fun together and she is so chill.  Definitely an inspired change.  I LOVE the ward here.  They are so excited to have sisters. I got birthday wishes and calls etc. from people in Loma which was so sweet!
 Thank you all for you love, gifts, and cards!!! Familia Tajada, Sis. and Liv Huish, Sis. Riggs, Elder Groberg, Cami Brimhall, Sis. Knight, Sis. Laurent, Familia Owen (Dan and Heidi), The Burbidges, and the Browns, Grandma and Grandpa.  
I love you all so so much!!! I couldn´t be more grateful to all of you.  xoxo

I remember praying to leave on my birthday and just feeling this energy inside to go.  I am here for only a little less than a year more. WHAT! (Hillary will be home from the mission before she's 21, the age when she would have originally left prior to the age change - what a blessing - what a change in her path)  Merry Chirstmas as well everyone? wow time flies.  There was this sense of gratitude and joy that just lifted me off my feet and it hasn´t left since.  Seriously this gospel and spirit of the Lord keeps me going.  I love it.  It really is the greatest of the gifts I have ever received.  The Lord is just waiting to bless us.  Go and work. 

Divisions are SO fun and these girls seriously take my advice and look up to us. I really love this calling.  We cover all the hermanas in the mission.  There are 42 in total.  I love it so much!  I have traveled to Isla Bodgado so far and we have plans to travel to Itawa this week and some other fun places but it really is a joy to be serving and praying for the people of paraguay but with the sisters I am serving with here as well.  Éxitos para todos y mucho amor!!!
con cariño,
Hermana Owen

Quote:  ¨Live in such a way that those who don´t know Christ will want to know Christ, because they know you.¨
P.S. There is SOOO much more I could have told ya´ll but those were some sweet parts of my weeks!

Other Hermana's in my new zone getting dinner ready

Our Thanksgiving Feast, and they sang Happy Birthday to me

My old Zone

Me with Hermana Wood