Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Small and Simple Things

(this came early in the morning on p-day - then we had to wait 6 hours for the rest):

We are going to clean the temple today for pday.  I couldn´t sleep last night it was like Christmas!! I am so STOKED to enter the temple :) I will write and send pics later.  xoxo

love you ton tons tons,
hermana owen

¨Each individual piece may not be easily recognizable by itself, it may not be clear how it relates to the whole. Each piece helps us to see the big picture a little more clearly.  Eventually, after enough pieces have been put together, we recognize the grand beauty of it all.  Then looking back on our experience, we see that the Savior had indeed come to be with us- not all at once but quietly, gently, almost unnoticed. This can be our experience if we move forward with faith and do not wait too long on the Road to Damascus.
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf  -“Waiting on the Road to Damascus”.
Brianne sent me this quote in a letter a while back and I was reading over it today.  It is so true.  I feel like this describes my mission so much.  My mission has been so much like this.  Altogether, I look back and my heart is filled with joy, completely filled.

Highlights of this week: 

-I had 3 of my investigators get baptized and confirmed!!! (Gloria Moreco, Milagros (her daughter-14) and Malena (14 as well)  I have never seen them happier.  It was just the sweetest most perfect moment to see them dressed in white.  I´m calling them my first baptism cuz I found em and taught them up to their baptism.  P.S. Mom Milagros friended ¨me¨on facebook and is waiting for you to accept her request and she sent a message ¨hola¨no mas haha  I love her.  I want you all to meet them all.  You should see Melena´s smile in the pics I have never seen that cute girl happier!!
 Melena is the one laughing, Milagros is in the dress and Gloria is her mom with the short hair.  Luis, our friend from the ward baptized for his first time (melena). awesome kid.  goes to visits with us on Monday nights.

-President McMullin came to interview one of our investigators and I felt like we were in the presence of one of the brethren (apostles or seventy) The spirit just radiates from him.  He is incredible.  I love him so much.
-Hna Goimarac and I made green smoothies and have been running in the morning it is just beautiful!!

-Today we cleaned the temple.  I have never done that before but it was so wonderful.  Hna Sanchez (the lady who has chickens living on her shelves and in her dishes in her house) invited us to come clean with her and her daughter Mercedez.  There was only about a total of 20 people or so.  It was such a pleasure and so perfect.  After cleaning Hna Goimarac ran back to go visit the Celestial Room for a sec.  Oh I am so grateful we went today cuz we are only aloud to do one session once a year (mission rule).  It was so quiet, so perfect, so white, so where I want to be someday... sealed for time and all eternity, and work there, and paint forever .  I love the temple.

con cariña,
Hermana Owen

(Then a third email came asnswering questions about her companion who is from Sedona - didn't include it all but sharing this... )

She is like my sister already. Tell kate i now know how it feels to have an older sister.  :) She is amazing in every single way.  The definition of a 4th missionary (read that talk with the family by  lawrence e. corbridge).  We made armor of god to teach a cute family (with tons of kids) about the armor of god tonight. we used cereal boxes, my packages haha stuff to make armor.  I am super excited.  They are a wonderful less active family (familia Pavón)  GOT my card btdubs!! Thank you soo soo much!  hna Goimarac says thank you for the peanut butter (I gave her one of my small ones I have been saving) and the fruit snacks!!! MY heart JUMPED out of my chest when I opened that package!! THANK YOU!!!!!  love you all dearly.
love hill 
Hermana Owen
                                                 Our Jerry the mouse we killed.  So sad
                                               Some Chinese food that was actually pretty good
                                                       Wallace and Gromit vehicle :)
                                                             A view from our patio
                            I love the flowers blooming here and the trees are beautiful as well
                                                    The Temple, with my comp