Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Alma 31

Week 15                            Short and Sweet                   August 5, 2013  
So this week was wonderful!  Hna Toctaquiza and I are now practicing 10 minutes of English everyday.  I think she really enjoys it.  It is helping her to have a little more patience with me and I have felt greater unity in our companionship. Man Spanish is hard but I have started using flashcards around the streets, which helps a ton.
So, I read something incredible in the scriptures last night.  Alma 31:30-31 Alma´s prayer for comfort in the Savior.  He says help me, ¨suffer with patience mine afflictions.¨ I thought a lot about this and I love that he said ¨suffer¨ because life is not easy and we´re not gonna have it easy or the way we want it a lot, but if we bear with patience our hardships and trials and turn to Christ we will grow from our sufferings and become in turn what our Father in HEaven  desires us to become.  Cross reference to John 16:33 (I think ... it is in the foot notes of verse 30-31 in alma 31) INCREDIBLE verse now one of my favorites i want to memorize!
Love you all sorry it is short this week.  Know that all is well.  

xoxo Love Hna Owen

P.S. if you can send letters for hna toctaquiza this week I think this is the last week for them to make it in time if you haven´t sent any yet! thnaks a million! xoxo

Katie -  The mission is incredible and I can’t wait until you get to serve one. Adjusting to different companions, especially ones that don´t speak your language, is hard but what helps is trying to be the companion I would want you to have :)  Love you so! Please tell Mish and Kyle hi for me. Oh and tell Beechers, Megan (bubba young) and the kids , and friends sorry for not emailing back (little time) and sorry for not sending letters (little time to write and no stamps). 

                                                        In front of the Asuncion Temple
                                                      Walking in the Streets of Asuncion
                                      An old bathroom she said.  I am hoping not Hillary's :o)