Monday, August 11, 2014

Golden Week

        We went to Concepcion for an awesome Zone Activity.  We went to a HUGE bridge and the Paraguayan river runs under it.  It was Beautiful!  They claim there are crocodiles inside

the wind on the bridge  was insane!! and we ran all the way there in the heat it was awesome! i am fried and dead though haha

This week we saw so many little miracles. 

 I tell you all one that happened last Monday leaving the house at 6 after pday.  As we knelt to pray before leaving the house I thought about some recent converts by our house that we should probably go visit.  I brushed off the thought going back to our origional plans.  We left the house and headed down the street; however, we reached the street that heads to Yesica´s, Mariela´s and Roberto´s houses  (the new converts that had come to mind) and I recieved a distinct impression almost like a yank.  I stopped and said nope let´s go see Yesica.  We didn´t question it for a second. 

I´m trying to be better at being decisive and I think it´s actually helping me learn to follow and recieve more promptings of the Spirit.  Well this one was definitely a promptings of the spirit.  
Yesica had just been penning through the pages of her Book of Mormon that day not knowing where to read but wanting something to strengthen her testimony.  It was perfect we are doing a Book of Mormon reading challenge and started reading from the beginning with her.  

THEN, afterward we found a GOLDEN investigator named Mirna Ortiz.  She understood every point of lesson 1 (the restoration), had so many wonderful questions, and when we handed her the book of mormon she touched it as if it was gold.  She was so excited to get reading.  

We had an investigator come to church because we invited her sister to church on the street the other day.  Oh the Lord is helping us so so much even when I feel like I am doing nothing because I am just one person wishing I could be superman and do everything.  I have to have patience.   We are seeing so much success.  Oh and guess who came to church!?!  HERMANA FRUTOS!!! Still workin with her husband but the other day her daughter recieved a priesthood blessing because she  had a crazy fever and afterward she was telling her mom how someday she wants to be a missionary.  Oh there are so many things to tell you all yet so little time!  Love you all so much! xoxo

Con cariƱo,
Hermana Owen

our day we literally dressed identically not meaning to and we had sooo many people asked if we were twins.  it was hilarious

PASTORA turned 77  !!!! She invited us for dinner AND our branch mission leader came it was awesome!!! Because of him we had less actives and new investigators in church on sunday! success!!!