Tuesday, May 27, 2014

     ¨An invitation that is born of our love for others and for the                                        Lord Jesus Christ... will never be seen as offensive or judgmental.¨  
                                                                  -Elder Holland

I made guacamole!!! and we made lentil soup and bean soup! I´m learing to cook here!
This week was full of surprises.  One of the BIGGEST surprises was the cold. Holy smokes you guys will not believe HOW cold it is here!!! I am back to wearing practically every layer I have!  
The ward is moving along great with first Nephi.  Tuesday we went to share with Marcelo.  Our bishop is awesome and went by to visit him this week.  He called to tell us how impressed he was at how prepared Marcelo is.  

THE greatest surprise this week was last night... we taught an ENTIRE FAMILY!!! Usually it´s just the mom and the kids, or a single dad, etc. but we taught an entire family. We were teaching their daughter and last night when we went to visit we felt impressed to have her invite her family.  We listened and heard the dad in the other room say, ¨Alright everyone let´s go!¨  They ALL came.  It was absolutely incredible. You guys!! And we have a lesson set for next Sunday with everyone.  They are so interested.  And speak English.  Lived in Florida for a good 7 years or so.  Oh things are going great here.  Love you all so so much!  

A big CONGRATS Katie on your graduation! You looked beautiful!! xoxo

Con CariƱo,
Hermana Owen

...didn´t have time to write all the surprises, but the Lord was so good to us this week.  Found an awesome scripture this week about our callings, whether we´re missionaries, members, etc.  Know that the calling you hold is important to the Lord and needs us all.
Hermana Gutierez y Hermana Owen
Beautiful Sister of God
Extra Large Grapefruits