Tuesday, June 24, 2014


          Horqueta is AMAZING!! Seriously, it is paradise!  First off,  you can look out in almost every direction and see on into infinity:  thick dark mangos trees spanning out to the horizon and tons of palm trees spotting the fields.  There are neighborhood parts but when you walk down past the church house or to the out skirts of the area you just want to take off flying.  The church house is pequeña (small).  It is darling, and actually just a house and what I imagined the chapels to be like before coming to paraguay.  
It sits on an acre of beautiful green grass, with tons of fruit trees alrededor (around).

         My first day I used these two bathrooms that were four brick walls... I entered the thin sheet door (bueno, one didn´t even have a door) and the toilet was made of four bricks put together.  The people are so humble here.  Wells, horses, dust, noodles, fruit, oh it´s paradise.  We are a branch of I would say 200 or more members but 30-60 asist every Sunday, and there are TONS of children and youth.  My heart is so full to be here.  I love it.  My companion is amazing as well!! She is "That so Raven's" twin(tv show from 90's).. hilarious!  She is from Guatemala  and loves to cook.

        Today we got up at six to travel to Concepcion (45 minutes from us) for a zone meeting and activity today.  The elders cooked an asado and Hermana Amado and I made salads and mandiaco (like potatoes). It was so fun!!! Alright love you all chao chao! 

string the punch for our asado
and lunch with the elders in Concepcion

hermana owen