Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Week Ever

             Literally this was one of the greatest weeks of my mission!  Caminabamos con prisa y con una sonrisa (we walked with haste and a smile)... as President told us to do. We had 9 LESSONS with members this week! So great!  Had a great huge asado and music night with the ward on Saturday and TONS of people came INCLUDING Raquel AND HER MOM!!! So exciting!!! :)   I love this ward SOOOOOO much and never want to leave. Hna Tomco and I really just had the most memborable and incredible week together.  We are both on the edges of our seats because changes are this week.  I am supposing nothing will happen because we are helping with changes again and training and what not but who knows.  We both keep praying and then saying but we pray that we will be willing to accept thy will.  ¨A donde me mande iré Señor. ¨ But seriously I don´t think anyone has ever taught me as much as Hermana Tomco has.  She is a gem.  She really has taught me two of the greatest lesson I believe... that is humility and letting others serve you.

Plus this change is going to be THE GREATEST CHANGE OF OUR LIVES!!!   All to look forward to...
-Going to the temple
-5 baptisms
-General Conference
-A General Authority comes to visit and is planning a huge fireside for Investigators and Menos Activos with President
-We complete a year!  what?

That's it, in a nutshell of my crazy exciting life! We have a fun noche de hogar (night of fun) planned tonight with Sandra, her kids, and Flia Troche!  So excited!   Studied faith this morning and I love what Pte. Howard W. Hunter said... ¨If everything could be proven by positive evidence there would be no need for faith.  If the element of faith is taken out of the Gospel, the plan is destroyed. Faith becomes the bridge by which the unbeliever can cross over and become a believer.¨  (that is from the little book you sent me mom).   Each test of faith we have in life is like running a race but not knowning how long it is. We just have to keep going knowing that in the end- be it heaven, today, in a year, or in a week- that the prize will come.  Put your trust in the Lord.  Love you all!

we woke up and the whole sky was red

Hermana Gamarra (who feeds us American food ;), me, Hermana Tomco and Marta
Con cariño, Hermana Owen

p.s. yes i recieved two packages.  recieved dad´s fun perc backpack all the shirts and yes ctr rings.  i still have to give out all the others but it wouldn´t hurt to have more :)  thank you for everything!

response to Nick's letter: which told of Nick not wanting mom to go back and get her phone cuz he'd be late for school...until mom said, but you can write Hillary a quick letter on the phone on the drive to school... he was then willing to go back and get the phone...
gosh i want to cry that is the most precious thing ever!!! Nick I LOVE YOU.  That made my week more than anything. xoxoxo love hilly i am SO flippin impressed you went on a black diamond!!!!WOO! DOUBLE! impressive.  love you sooooo much!  hope you had a fabulous day at school! Learn anything exciting?

response to mom's letter - who dreamt she heard Hillary's voice loud and clear, but couldn't see her, say, "mom this was the best week ever, it was so awesome..."
mom that is crazy about your dream!  BECAUSE IT SERIOUSLY WAS THE BEST WEEK EVER  not kidding you! i´ll tell you in the letter. (above is letter)