Monday, May 5, 2014

Lots of Pics

This one's name is Walle.  Isn't he cute !
First,  Marcelo is progressing like crazy!!!  He has a date for the 17th!!   He is soooo excited!  Yesterday he came to church and when we double checked to see if he had been praying about the date, he started to frantically nod and say ¨I want to!¨  The Lord blessed us with various opportunities to bond with his mom this past week.  It was awesome!  She is darling and now a ton more open to the idea of Marcelo getting baptized.  He is so curious and learns so fast.  He is already thinking about a mission and wondering who he wants to be baptized.  Yesterday, when we shared with him we  talked about the Book of Mormon and he was stoked to find out that the Savior actually came to the Americas.  He said, ¨Oh ya like it says in la Biblia... other sheep I have which are not of this fold.¨  (John 10:6)  We then opened to 3 Nephi 15: 17.  I cannot describe the joy that you saw running through his face.   Something clicked.  It hit him.  He said, ¨I can´t believe how many things are unfolding.  It´s like the Book of Mormon and Bible testify of one another.¨  Oh it was a priceless moment.  Also during sacrament he tells us, ¨It´s unbelievable how incredible I feel in this church.¨   He loves it so much!  I opened to D&C 11: 12-14 and let him read.  He smiled shaking his head in agreement.  He is going to change the future of the church in Paraguay. I want you all to meet him!
Dinner's with familia Rios are the best !!

We also had another neat experience.  Elder Wilhelm, from the 70, was here this week with his darling wife. They gave a power house conference to our mission, and then a special fireside for menos activos y ivestigators.  We brought a couple menos activos and a darling investigator named Maria Elena.  She loved it!  They talked about the opportunity each one of us has to meditate and pray to know if these things are true. She said, ¨I´m gonna go do that.¨  ha yes!  Afterward we went and walked around the temple, even entered the doors into the first little room (waiting parlor i think). A darling temple worker approached us named Hermano Decoud.  Wrinkles swallowed his eyes in a darling grin.  He asked Maria Elena what she thought and when she was planning on getting baptized. :) She said, ¨I love it!  and hopefully soon!¨   
Look who got baptized... Our little Raquel !!!
 Hopefully soon!! We are pressing on and working hard.  

Didn´t sweat as much this week.  Temperature is cooling down! SO happy!    
I love you all so much!  3 Nephi 18: 24 and 32.   

con mucho cariƱo,
Hermana Owen

Precious right.  An awesome day seeing Raquel make covenants with her Heavenly Father

Our Zone
And a special visit from one of the 70 Elder Wilhem and his cute wife

Look what I found in the road
(the face is actually saying, "ahhh, i wish i had a whole bag to myself")

It is so green here

I got two packages this week THANK YOU !!
I think these were orange blossoms... Haha
We had a good laugh and they smelt awesome!

Our breakfast.  I found little smokies dad and couldn't resist.

Maria Elena after the Conference with Elder Wilhelm.  She is darling.  We adore her!  She told a member of the ward, ¨I want to be mormon, how can I talk to the missionaries? ¨ Ahhhahaha what!?!?   we got on that fast! She is darling and loved how in the conference they talked about meditating and praying to find an answer to know if this is true and says ¨I am going to do that.¨ :)
These are my little angels !!  Jade (pronounced Hady)  she is just precious and so sweet.  tiny tiny... reminds me a bit of greta goose :)  Abigail (grandaughter of my hero Hna Coronel)
this our cute investigator Hayda.  She is due in 2 months!  Our goal for her and her husband is:  WEDDING IN THE TEMPLE!!!  they are darling and she is reading the book of mormon!!