Saturday, June 21, 2014

Una semana llena! y con cambios!

           So I think I know why President and Hermana Mcmullin invited my companion and I over for lunch after church yesterday...  I´M LEAVING!!!   We had changes, TODAY, and little, I mean LITTLE, did I know or even expect I would be going out to Horqueta.  I am finally leaving the stake I have been in for over a year; heart torn, but overwhelmed with excitement as well!  Goodbye Asunción and hello Concepción.  It is 5 hours from here.  Blistering hot in the summer and CRAZY cold in the winter.  I am going out lejos as eveyone says in the mission.  Guaraní, washing clothes by hand, ningún super or maybe haven´t been there yet, so we´ll see.  I am so excited though.  Hermana Gutierrez is going to be companions with Hermana... TOMCO!! Ya small world right.  I will miss Hermana Gutierrez so much.  She is going to Campo Grande with Hermana Tomco, and President is putting Elderes into our area now.  This will be good for Mburucuya.

          Marcelo is progressing like crazy and if he is not baptized soon, si o si, will be baptized when he is 18.  He told us the other day that he is decided.  On what? Oh on serving a MISSION!!!! Nate thanks for that letter.  He was SO pumped to get it and I think it had a great impact on him, as well as a letter he received from an Elder Lopez in our mission who has like the same story.  He keeps reading them over and over, and is reading the Book of Mormon a ton! He LOVES third Nephi.  I am stoked for the Elders to work with him.  I will miss Mburucuya but excited at the same time for the adventures awaiting in Horqueta.  I will be comps with Hermana Amado de Guatemala. She is one of the hardest workers in our mission, has incredible numbers and works incredibly well with the members. I am going to learn so much from her.   We actually came together from the CCM.   Oh and yes I will continue being Sister Training Leader, as well as Hermana Tomco and Hermana Gutierrez, but now Hermana Amado will be joining the crew. 

         Also Jasmin!  She is a young woman (14) in the ward we are visiting.  Her mom is semi active and her father is not a member.  She is precious, and since I arrived we have been trying to get them to come to church and do personal progress.  GUESS WHAT!  She is almost DONE with her personal progress. The other day she came to do visits with us and bore the most wonderful testimony.

         Another hero... Hermana Vasquez.  She is incredible. Hermana Gutierrez and I were talking about who we admire in Mburucuya, that would definitely be Hermana Vasquez.  Yesterday we visited the Vasquez family.   They made us hot malta and we shared a message with them.  Hermana Vasquez has had such incredible afflictions in her life and it breaks my heart.  They just seem to keep coming in her family but she doesn´t stop running, loving, reading the book of mormon, praying, reading her patriarchal blessing, caring, cooking, offering her home, cleaning, and so much more.  As she was bearing her testimony to us yesterday I saw my own mom in her, imagining all that she has done and continues to do.   We all face different afflictions in this life and the Lord has a different plan for all of us.  -Hermana Vasquez is a great example of perseverar hasta el fin, the fifth step of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Keep reading, keep praying, keep taking the sacrament, keep loving, keep hoping, keep honoring your covenants.  ¨Pero el que persevere hasta el fin, éste será salvo.¨ (Matthew 24:13) 

         Had lots of adventures this week... walking in the cold with mud filled shoes- they reeked the next day, swarms of mosquitos, eating for 5 hours straight (for día de padre everyone was offering us food), lunch at president´s house, hymns with my comp, living with Hermana Fuller, CHANGES, and so much more.  Just for kicks this is what was offered to us yesterday:  First fajidas at president´s, apple dumplings and icecream, then a peach pie and pasta frojla at a members, sopa paraguaya as well, hot chocolate (malta), galletitas (cookies), and to top it off... ravioli filled with four cheeses.  Talk about being stuffed.  Oh I didn´t mention the brownies with buttermilk syrup Hermana Fuller had waiting for us when we got home.  LLENA!! (that means full.) I have never eaten so much in my life.

          Overall a GREAT week.  We had a less active in church who is progressing and won´t put down her book of mormon.  Her name is Sandra Cañiza.  She is darling.  But gotta run.  Next time we talk, I´ll be in the Chaco... puede decir the wild?   Love you all so much!

con cariño,
Hermana Owen

 one of our investigators is famous here in Paraguay.  His name is on the walls on the streets! 

These pictures were sent/shared from their friend who we are now friends with.