Monday, January 6, 2014

Busy Busy Busy

HELLO!!! :) Me and my new comp!!!! Hna Tomco!!! From Springville Utah.  She knows JR Hansen and went to byu before the mission. We actaully were in the ccm together and I am more stoked than ever to be her comp!!! 

hey mom and dad we have had a crazy big day with pres. and all zone leaders and hna mcmullin (pres. wife)  so we didn´t really get time to write today.  Had a fabulous new years though and oh my life you should know this week was literally one of THE best yet in the mission!!!   I am not kidding.  It felt like  THE fastest yet THE longest at the exact same time.  Hna Tomco and I have got tons of New YEars resolutions... she reminds me of Katie :) in that aspect which I absolutely love.  We both bounce off one another and are both inspire/animar uno al otro. I love her!  I can tell this will be a great compship.  One thing I am really trying to master and focusing with Hna Tomco on is consecrating our lives to the Lord. We are doing 40 day fasts, speaking spanish only in the streets, and talking to EVERYONE.  That (talking with everyone) really impacted our week, turned it from a regular week to a golden week.  We each had over 100 contacts each (When the mission max goal is 75)  and we found seriously more than one or two golden investigators everyday.  Oh I couldn´t be happier this gospel is incredible.  Our Savior really will make us, ¨fishers of men.¨  I challenge you all to read Matthew 4.  amazing. I was admiring and studying the Savior´s characteristics during the 40 day fast and in vs. 18-19 when he says to the fishers  I will make you fishers of men.  I applied it to us in our regular lives doing our regular ¨fishing¨or things we like to do.  Maybe these things bring us joy and there not bad, but if we can have the strength to put those things aside and really learn to consecrate all thoughts, actions, desires, and time to the Lord he will make of us something we never imagined we could become.  He will show us a different type of ¨fishing¨ much richer, much greater, and gratifying than any other thing that occupies our life/time.  This Gospel is amazing.  The law of consecration really is the answer to not only a successful mission, but a successful life.  

Con mucho cariƱo,
 Hermana Owen

Hermana Owen and Hermana Tomco