Monday, September 1, 2014

Just In Time

What a week!  We were exhausted!   We had two AWESOME familiy nights.  It is bringing a TON of unity to the rama (branch)!  

We had a Hermana Eugenia (less active as of five years) come to church yesterday! It was SOOO exciting.  I had people telling me you´ll never get her to church she´ll just tell you she´s sick or something.  GUESS WHO CAME!?  :)  It brought tears to my eyes the words she said to me yesterday...  she said, ¨ The blessing brought me strength hermana, it worked!¨  We asked two men in the Branch to come give her a blessing the other day because, yes, she gave us "an excuse" you could call it that she is super sick and isn´t able to come.  Well we asked if she had ever recieved a priesthood blessing before and she said a long time ago yes. I said, "well how bout one today?"  We asked two men from the branch to come over and they gave her a blessing, and look... SHE CAME!  It was such a huge blessing.  The power of the Priesthood is real and it was definitely a testimony builder for her, especially since we had just taught her about the priesthood (the power to act in God's name) that day.  
Hermana Eugenia
We had a little dramatic catastrophe happen two days ago.  So Saturday morning we had planned to go at 8 am to clean Hermana Eugenia´s house but when we showed up she refused our help saying, ¨no no I am leaving anyway to go down town, another day hermana another day. ¨  haha okay hermana.   So we decided to stop by a couple other houses to see if there was any help to offer.  Unsuccessful we returned home, did our studies, and by the afternoon we were headed out to work.  We were stopping by Familia F (as a plan B... luckly plan A fell through because...)   As we showed up no one came for like 5 minutes. As we were about to leave Hermana F came running out from behind her house.   As she came out front I noticed what looked like cake or jam mashed to the side of her head.  I said, ¨Oh hermana you have some...¨ And before I could finish she said, ¨I know I know.  It´s sugar. I just fell.¨  uhhhh what had happen was an hour prior to our arrival, she had fallen really hard while cleaning a tile / brick bathroom floor.  It was wet and she slipped smacking her head on the sharp, brick, ridged edge of the doorway.  Not thinking much of it she grabbed her head in pain after blacking out a little and then held out her hand, noticing it was wet, and finding it covered in blood, she looked in the mirror and it was running down her neck.  She was all dizzy she said and so she put sugar on it to stop the blood... (another cool thing I've learned in Paraguay.)  It had stopped bleeding but we thought it must have been real deep.  She was the only one home at the moment.  We recognized that maybe this was the service project the Lord wanted us to do :)  We sat her down and washed the sugar out of her hair.  We ran back home to grab some oitment and medicine because she was hurt bad.  Maria and Sebas, who live around the corner, waited with her while we ran home.  We came back, shampooed her hair, cut the hair off where she had fallen.  It was pretty bad... (let me just say I will never be a doctor,  my arms were all shakey as we were doing all of this and I felt my face go cold and white).  We applied some ointment then got her laying down.  We brought in her clothes and folded them and then were able to go get her dinner.  It was just the greatest day.  Even though that sounds traumatic  she is doing a lot better.  She ended up going to the hospital and getting stiches.  Yesterday we went to visit her and brought and applied some more medicine.  It was just such a tender mercy of the Lord and actually how he placed us in her pathway at that moment.

It was another week full of miracles.  We  are having so many adventures and memories!  I love Hermana Border and this work so much!!  Let´s go dominate another week!!! Love you ALL so much!

Con CariƱo,
Hermana Hillary Owen
Dessert for Family Night...
home made oreos and Cake from the store 

All three birds are names "Te Quiero",
which is the only things they know how to say.
They are so funny to watch dance.  They are so loud. 


headed in Pte. Duarte´s truck out to his farm!