Monday, May 12, 2014

The Future Is As Bright As Your Faith

She taught me how to read. She taught me how to love.  She taught me how to cook.  She taught me how to clean. She taught me how to dance.  She taught me how to draw.  She taught me how to keep going when all is lost.  She taught me to look past the falts.  She taught me to see the good in all.  She taught me to be a friend.   She taught me help.  She taught me to sacrifice.   She taught me to pray.   She taught me to sing.  She taught me how to paint my nails.  She taught me to go to church. And there is one thing she taught me most of all, that is of my Savior Jesus Christ.   

Like we read in 2 Nephi, ¨ Y hablamos de Cristo, nos regocijamos en Cristo, predicamos de Cristo, profetizamos de Cristo y escribimos según nuestras profecías, para que nuestros hijos sepan a qué fuente han de acudir para la remisión de sus pecados.¨    I love you, Mom.  Happy Mother´s Day.  Thank you for all you have taught;  I hope to one day be more like you.   So fun to see you and the family on Saturday.  Everyone looks so good!  So excited for Michelle and Jake!  As well excited for JUNIOR!!! Keep reading the Book of Mormon my friend, it is the key! 
How wonderful is modern technology - To be able to SEE and hear Hillary 
was the best Mother's Day gift.

¨ I want to be baptized so bad.  I pray everyday that she will soften her heart.¨  You guys, Marcelo wants to get to baptized so bad!  These were his exact words yesterday!  Oh he is one incredible young man.  We are striving to get him baptized.  His mother has said no but we aren´t losing faith.  The Lord has a plan for him.   He is going to do incredible things in the church.  I know the Lord has big plans for him.  I have never met someone with such a strong testimony and NEVER deny it.  He is so sure he knows it's true.  That is my hope that we can ALL learn to be a little more grounded, a little more sure, a little more faithful.  It is the first principle of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ.  President Thomas S. Monson said, ¨Our future is as bright as our faith. ¨  So we are keeping the faith even though the future's not looking to bright right now.   We had a wonderful week.  I want to thank you all for your prayers and love.  We are really seeing the blessings of prayer and fasting this week.  Our bishop said (yesterday) we are now going to have Consejo de Barrio (ward council) TWICE A MONTH!!! YAY!!! Hermana Gutierrez and I are getting everyone reading the Book of Mormon more and are planning an awesome activity.  So excited.  Such a blessing to see the fruits of our labors.  Look for the Lord´s hand in your life, it´s there everyday.  

Con mucho cariño,

Hermana Owen