Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fruits of Our Labor

I was reading in Jacob 5 this morning verses 70-75... It talks about the Lord and his vineyard.  At first I was just trying to get some good scriptures on missionary work, little did I know it was the Lord talking directly to me.  It was overwhelming his words as he said, ¨Go to and labor with all your might. For behold this is the last time... for the end is nigh at hand... and if ye shall labor with all your might with me ye shall have joy in the fruit.¨   The roads is not completely finished yet. I´m still sprinting and I hope that in the end his words are somewhat like verse 75.   This work has been incredible and one of THE greatest blessings and opportunities I have had in my life.

I wanted to fill you all in a little on the miracles from last week.  General Conference was an adventure.  Saturday played but every ten seconds it cut out.  Sunday we only listened but luckily it played well.  Sunday is when la Hermana Eugenia and her darling 3 little lost boys came to listen for the two full sessions STAYING the two hours in between.  These people sacrifice so much.  It was fun and lucky hermana Border and I had made cinnamon rolls for everyone for Sunday sessions.  ALSO, Gloria Moreco (baptized last October in Loma with daughter Milagros) is going through the temple!  I called her last week and she told me the great news!! 

This week also had it´s miracles and adventures.  Hna Maura, who we got to know and taught only this past Friday, came to church SUNDAY!  Everyone was so excited to see her!   We had so many adventures:  first off we had a GIANT flying cockroach attack us one night.  I ran out of the house while Hna Border valiantly killed it with our mop.  So I have a fear of cockroaches and she spiders.  Thursday night I had just closed my eyes to sleep when I here a scream from the other room.  A creepy spider fell onto her from the ceiling!  I checked and in the morning we found and killed it. It was a cool spider though.  Friday night we are getting ready for bed and I walk into the kitchen because I heard a crackling.  Outside our blurry window I see strong flames blazing upward! ¨HERMANA BORDER!!¨  ¨HERMANA BORDER THERE´S FIRE OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE!  WE have. to leave. now!¨  We frantically grab our emergency stuff and run to the front door where we saw more flames outside that window!  We open the door, hearts pounding, sweaty hands, minds racing.... our neighbor was burning his trash... oh Paraguay. :) 

Hna Sophia and Pastora have new dates and we are pretty sure are going to be fully prepared for the 24 of October.  They are more and more excited everyday feeling part of the ward family.  

This work is incredible.  I love you all so much.  See you at the finish line.

Con CariƱo,

Hermana Owen