Monday, March 10, 2014

A Few Days and A Few Heros

Monday: Rainy, lots of traveling, lots of walking, 
Amazing lesson with Raquel on the Palabra de Sabiduria

Tuesday:  Realization that talking or writing in Spanish or English... there is no difference.  Hermana Tomco and I have laughed a ton about that this week.   It happened for both of us. There seems to be no difference now.  It is just second nature.  I realized today also that a lot of people will let us in here to listen, but the hardest part is letting the message in their hearts. They are willing to open their doors to us missionaries but not their hearts to their Savior who is the one really knocking.  
   Also exciting, did another division with the Hermana Minks (I love her) and she saved some Lihing Strawberry Sourbelts from her package for me!!! THE best candy in this universe! We had black honey bread for breakfast; se llama pan de miel negro. :)  

Wednesday: We have some soon to be GOLDEN investigators!   Sandra and Santiago!!!! They are a darling couple who just beem with potential. Not kidding, future bishop and young womans or relief society pte!  AMAZING family. They have 3 darling children. The best part is that the familia Troche is all pumped because they live around the corner and get along great!  Raquel was all excited about her baptism this coming Saturday the 15th, but yesterday we sat down with her and her mom and results are sad... she wants to wait a little more :(  Her mom i didn't think  it was all going to go through with the whole baptism until we started talking to her about times and then she flipped.  We had a great lesson though about the restoration with her and Raquel (Sunday- yesterday) and asnwered a ton of questions.  Raquel just called us and said we need to talk! what? I don´t know what is happening.  BUT good news hermana Tomco and I had a great number of contacts this week and lessons with members. So the Lord is blessing us a ton.  

Thursday: WE COMPLETED!!! We put goals every day but for some reason it is just harder to reach them here in the city but we are still adjusting and figuring out what goals are best to put with traveling for divisions and all.  We had a miracle:   Gladys (A reference) was home when we planned to pass by around 7 and she said that´s the only time she is ever home!  The Lord´s hand is in the work.  We set up an appointment to return so hopefully she will be new this week!  Also I treated the Hna Argile (with whom i did divisions) to the famous Mbeyu of Paraguay!  My favorite!

Friday:  We had our hero, Hermana Coronel, accompany us to a lesson with an ancient less active, Hermana Sara Culman. Seriously she is my hero.  Convert to the church, faithful mother of 9, weekly temple goer, missionary-ite!, and forced to marriage at 17 years old and still with the man today. She is one of the tallest spirit giants i know and just a hero. I know her mansion in Heaven has got to be amongst the tallest.

Saturday: Paraguay has Jasmin flowers blooming everywhere!  And Citrus fruits and ripening!  YAY!  We also found a funny old man named Mariano who wants to be baptized. He has a crazy wife who is sick in bed. The two are hoots and loved listening to us!  

Sunday!!!  Raquel and Hermana Sara Culman and Elvida Vitale (new convert!) came to church!!! A GREAT week indeed! 

Con mucho CariƱo,
Hermana Owen
A Paraguayan plum ! So Yummy !
You could eat a million... I did ! Not a good idea !

Hermana Owen and Tomco on the bus