Tuesday, December 24, 2013


WEEK  34                             It’s Christmas Time                          Dec 23, 2013

This was last night in Pedro Juan, which is literally on the border with brazil (lots of portuguese) and we did a christmas concert with the ramas in this fun park!  SO fun!! It´s CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! the girl in the red is named Camila and is 16 and is traveling to the US. (san Fransisco) Jan 17th with a group of 13 smart kids from paraguay to do service and other sorts of stuff and return and apply what they learned in paraguay.  you guys should be friends with her on facebook.  love you all tons! xoox love hill

"We'll be talking to you soon.."
AHHH IN LIKE TWO DAYS!!! And do you guys mind doing it at 7:30 in the morning?? or 8 ??? we are gonna go to the office and skype so it would work best schedule wise if we could do it at 11:30 or noon my time ?  :)

love hilly hna owen