Monday, December 16, 2013

I Saw A Monkey

                                                     Week 33
Well what a week.   First a little miracle in Campo Grande.  Hna Wood and I had plans for a certain part of our area one day but after being harshly rejected and no one being home we decided maybe we would head out to Neverland, one part of our area that we were kinda putting off because it is a good 30-40 walk away from everything.   We decided to go.  After walking two hours straight in the blistering sun, drenched in sweat, and descansada muchisimo, we decided to clap at this random house.  I remember there was no specific prompting but I had kept in mind something I heard the other day, that as long as we are giving our best and preparing all we can the Lord will provide.  I kept looking forward and as we clapped at this particular house, out walked a HUGE 15 year old kid.   Come to find out he has been assisting the church in a different area with some friends, glady accepted the baptismal question, and is already talking about serving a mission!  PURETTE!  (awesome in Guarani)
Speaking of Guarani- the native  language here in Paraguay.-  I will probably learning a lot this next week.  I am out in Yby Yaú with cute Hna Buss from Whyoming.  I think I failed to mention the tiny fact that Hermana Wood goes home this week and so does Hna Buss´s comp.  Changes aren´t until Jan 2 so I will finish Hna Buss´s training out here in Yby Yaú.  We will be working here for a week, then Campo Grande for Christmas and a week, and then return here for a bit before changes.  Yby Yaú is VERY different from Campo Grande.  The people are very poor here.  Not much civilization, lots of bugs, crazy crazy trees, chickens live with us, and their church building is smaller than our house it is adorable!  I am so excited to be here but definitely started crying this morning during comp study with Hna Wood.  I am gonna miss that girl so much.  We have grown so close especially in Christ.  Everyday we tell each other a ¨Que me hizo reír...¨  Something that made us laugh.  It has helped us keep a positive energy all the time in the work.  She amazes me.   
Today was Pday and we went and hiked up to this small mountian.  It is out here in the middle of nowhere land of Yby Yaú (pronounced like EE-vee-jaw-oo)  SAW three monkeys!  They were adorable but to far away.  I thought i could coax them over with cookies but no luck. Some day I will hold one.    Anyway,  I am so excited to spend Christmas here in Paraguay.  It´s so hot.  Mangos are falling.  And there are Christmas lights... but no Christmas music... still Guarani music (which sounds like polynesian music) and musica paraguayo.   I love this work so so much.  I have so many pics to send i think i will just wait till after the mish. But here is a couple from the hike today.   
Con Cariño,
Hna Owen
My Birthday celebration - a key lime pie cake - Yum
At our Thanksgiving Feast
Hermana Wood and I - On our way to the Mt. in the back ground

The beautiful view way out in Neverland

Hermana Wood and I made it to the mountain

Mangos are falling everywhere - It's getting hot and they are getting ripe

Merry Christmas from our Mission - Can you find me :)

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