Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Up Your Heads !

Okay, so flip, I am loving life!  This email/week will be short despite all that has happened.  First off, I am a Sister Training Leader (Elder Wing who just returned from Paraguay said it's basically the AP for girls).  My job is pretty much to look over all the 42 sisters in the mission.  We go on divisions with each companionship, get to know them, help them, love them, and set goals with them.  I am super stoked because that means I/we get to travel a lot, so I will get to know a ton of areas.  I trained all the trainers last week with Sister Wood and got to see them all get their knew comps.  So exciting and so fun to watch all the newbies come in. It feels like yesterday that I was them, not understanding a lick of Spanish. 

So the knew area is great.  Mom and Dad you should just stop worrying about me, if you ever were or are.(yes)  I´m living in richville, well, compared to Loma actually and even compared to a lot of parts in the U.S.  There are tons of mansions.  I´m pretty sure every house in our area has air conditioning.  It does make it a little tough to find people... they aren´t as willing to listen, but it is a way fun area.  I feel like I am in downtown old Phoenix walking around.  HUGE beautiful houses with giant trees, like sky scrapers.  I wonder how old they are.  The ward is awesome as well.  We only get an assistance of 65-75 every Sunday but good news is we got a ton of stellar members (new and long time) willing to come track with us.  Right now we are mainly getting to know the members.  I believe Kenzie Freeman´s sister is in Hna Wood´s old ward in Mburucuya who meet in our same building.  Our building is so nice it has cushioned benches to sit on.  Primary program was Sunday, so cute.  I am in love with the Bishop´s daughter, Jade (sounds like Hady).  She looks like a little latino Greta (our cousin).  Our bishop is absolutely hilarious.  The ward literally feels like family already.  There are tons of people who remind me of people already, AND tons speak English.  So fun.

There are tons of huge and flying cockroaches where we live but it´s all good, it doesn´t bother me too much. The house is quaint.  I almost feel like I am in Greece because our walls are all white and the neighbors (dueños) play their Italian music.   It´s fun being in this area.  We are in the President´s ward and Hna Fuller´s (mission nurse) ward.  We had lunch at her house yesterday and she is so sweet to always include us, because really this is the office elder´s area but they are sharing it with us, because they don´t have full time missionaries. They work from 4:30 until night time but now we´re here and we´re working 24/7!   

It is hard being pulled away from your first area, I have to admit.  Yesterday Familia Adorno walked into our ward building because they came for the primary program of the other ward (they have family there).  I instantly started to cry!!  OH I will miss Loma so much.  The saddest part is that I 
didn´t get to say goodbye to anyone really but all is well.  I read a stellar scripture yesterday in Alma 8:15.   ¨ Blessed art thou, Alma; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice; for thou hast been faithful in keeping the commandments of God from the time which thou receivest thy first message from him. Behold, I am he that delivered it unto you.¨   Lift up your heads and look.  The Lord is always blessing us.  He is so merciful.  He loves us so much. I find his love in one´s smile, the huge trees, fresh cold watermelon, manzanites (like cherries here), and my awesome comp.  I am reading so much of the Book of Mormon everyday!  More than I ever have and learning so much.  Well I´m off.  Wish me luck on this new journey.  ¨Lift up your head(s) and rejoice!"  LOVE you all so so much!! ROHAYHU!!

Con Cariño,
Hermana Owen

Oh P.S.  what made me laugh... we were contacting.  Había una gate that was open so Hermana Wood walks up and says, ¨Shut the gate, and ring the bell.¨ in a casual routine manner (if that makes sense) and then flip flip I ´m shoutin ¨Don´t shut the gate Don´t shut the gate!!!¨ As it starts falling over on us! hahaha...  Luckly it didn´t fall all the way over.  We were all good.  There are gonna be lot´s of fun stories from this area i can already tell.  Well that´s all folks.  And we´re out.
My new district

Making yummy dinner and dessert with Hermana Wood

Celia's Baptism - a glorious day !!!!!

My favorite picture even though it's blurry, 
I just love little Emma, we were laughing so hard and she was so squirmy 

Saying goodbye to my Hermanas

Saying Goodbye to Celia and the girls.  I will miss them so much.  Kristchian is in Japan

The big frogs everywhere.   They are as big as my hand 

The morning I said goodbye to Hermana Silva.  Tears !!

I am TRUE RED NECK now !
Hermana Wood and I out tracting in our new area

Celia's baptism day again - All Clean

Dessert at our Thanksgiving feast and birthday party for me.  They made me key lime pie (cake) Yum
Hermana Wood and I tracting again.  Hermana Fuller (nurse) lives near and came out to say hi.
We clap instead of knock. 

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