Thursday, May 16, 2013


Speaking of meeting people, yesterday we got to go out in the streets!! We drove about an hour away from el CCM in the Buenos Aires West mission and got to proselyte for 5 hours or so :) okay can you say miracles.  seriously MIRACLES.  My companions and I decided to pray every hour and I am not kidding, it was one of the neatest things I have ever taken part of. We were dropped off on a corner in the middle of a busy squished little street with neighborhoods on either side.  You could smell gas here, grease there, meat here, candy there, smoke, dust, and more.  Colors and clutter flooded my view.  I thought okay here we go.  Didnt expect much but I had a prayer in my heart that we would be able to do something for someone... share our testimonies with at least one person.  There was a girl that glanced at us and smiled the minute we jumped off the bus (she totally reminded me of Mariana)  and I smiled and waved back.  They crossed the street and we went the other direction but I knew I needed to talk to her.  Anyway we carried on.  Met a humble little old lady who lived alone in this old house that was hardly a house.  She let me use her restroom... a small yellow toilet thatyou poored water down to flush it, no sink, a tiny basket nailed to the wall with her little blue curlers inside and hair brush, a 1 ft. found mirror above the basket, and a small light bulb above that.  One of her walls was cardboard.  She was the happiest little old lady in the world though. She reminded me of Great Nana.  She was so sweet to us, because she said she has NEVER let anyone through her gate before.  But she liked us... I think well go visit her next week :)  Her name is Adela.  Our next miracle happened right after we prayed we found a couple so willing to listen. They were asking us where and when they could attend churhc, happily accepted the book of mormon gave us their address and we all testified.  the spirit was so strong!!!!  We walked away bawling and I have never been happier.  Last miracle:  We ran into that girl I saw at the bus stop!!!!! It was an answer to my prayers.  She pretty much told us she wants to know more and I gave her the family proclamation to read with her family and told her to visit  I pray for them all the time. 

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