Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dearest Family and Friends!

         How is everyone?!  :)  Thank you so much for all the mail and emails.  Keep em comin :)  I am a little behind in responses but don´t worry I will respond, it just might take some time.  We don´t have much time here in el CCM.  Plus, considering the fact that we only have 11 more days here... NO Time.   We are using every spare minute.  Studying studying studying, praying praying praying, teaching teaching teaching, etc. :)  But I love it. 

         Highlights of my week... it´s hard to pick, but I have a few real goods ones.  First off, for the last 2 days there have only been 25 missionaries here at the CCM!  Crazy right! It was so quiet and I´m sure a night and day difference compared to Provo.  It is because we just had a group leave, and today we get more.  Speaking of today... Thursday, May 23, 2013 :)  HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL EVERYONE and HAPPY GRADUATION DAY!!!! (right?  uhhh hope i got that right haha... Michelle and Kyle; a letter is on its way for you two... to kyle´s address and I gave you graduation tips... a little to late but that´s okay :)  

         As for the second highlight... I would have to say PROSELITISMO once again. :)  We saw more miracles!!!  Right off the bat we decided to offer a prayer.  So we jumped off the bus and prayed.  Then we walked down to the pizza shop where we met a boy named Maxi last week who I tried to give a Book of Mormon to and found he was working again.  We wanted to buy a pizza and go take it to Adela´s and have lunch with her.  Well long story short Adela wasn´t home BUT I think we bought the pizza for a greater purpose.  There was a man there, getting a pizza as well, with his son.  We taught him about the purpose of families in our Heavenly Father´s plan and gave him the family proclamation to the world.  Before I could even commit him to read it with his family, he suggested he would!! :) How neat is that.  A smile beamed across my face and he said oh that would be wonderful.  Happy day and Maxi the pizza guy took the Book of Mormon.  I think it meant a lot to him that we remembered his name, plus his friend was all excited that we gave him a Book of Mormon.  We didn´t stop to talk for long so we didn´t get to know his friend, but I know we needed to be there in that moment for a reason.  One of the coolest parts of the day was when we teaching this woman (looked to be about 27 years old or so) at this bus stop.  We were teaching here about the restored gospel and our Heavenly Father´s plan for us. I had the strong in impression to tell her that every single person around us was a Child of God and that we ALL chose this plan to come to earth.  The greatest joy of proclaiming his Gospel entered into my heart and I knew the Spirit spoke to her heart.  She said she doesn´t believe in God, but after talking to us, she was really interested in learning more.  We gave her the address to the church and time, and so I pray she went.  She was such a sweet heart.

         Oh another highlight was the temple, last Thursday.  We go in the afternoon so I never got to write about it.  But that was one of the most incredible sessions.  My favorite part was sitting in the waiting room and offering a small prayer before going into the session.  As I prayed, I prayed for peace, and to feel at home.   Then I it came into my recollection that the hymn, "Where Can I Turn For Peace"  was playing on the organ (that is always played in the temple)  You know what I am talking about if you have been in the waiting room at the Mesa temple for baptisms (or any waiting room for that matter I think).   Even though the organ isn´t my favorite, I felt like I was home.  I felt the greatest sense of peace come over me.  I remembered the morning our whole family sat in the Mesa Temple before I left.  I know that families are forever and I thank my Heavenly Father in Heaven every day that I can bring that  message to those of Argentina and Paraguay. 

Lots of Love Hermana Owen 

P.S. Dad do you remember Alfajors!?!  they are a treasure to us!  Oh my heavens they are delicious!  And by the way my teacher Hermano Milerio said that the Nunez and Correa family are doing  great.  All active, and the dad of the Correa family I believe is secretary is his ward.   what a blessing :)

"We become what we want to be, by consistently being what we want to become."
                   -Richard G. Scott

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  1. Oh, she is wonderful. I love her enthusiasm and spirit!