Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brim with Joy

So that´s my subject cuz seriously this week was off the charts incredible!!!  Seriously like Ammon exclaims in Alma 26:11 (the hole chapter is now one of my favorites!).  
Saturday was MY FIRST BAPTISM!! yay!!! Little 9 yr old Josue was baptized :) it was incredible. 

Sunday the mother of two of our new converts came to church.  Bawled through sacrament and afterward told us she wants to start taking the discussions and change her life around. She said she is amazed by our example and that we have been a huge example for her in her life and the life of her children.  She said with tears streaming down her cheeks that this is what she desires for her children and that she wants to be an example for them.  So we start in an hour and a half I AM SO EXCITED!!! We went home and did our studies last night and I practically bawled through my whole personal study reading Alma 28-29 oh this gospel is so true and changes peoples lives for the better no doubt about it.

So besides this past weekend I had some neat experiences as well... I´ll share one that was real neat.  We were tracking in the streets earlier this weak when suddenly we found ourselves walking behind a father and daughter.  I started thinking about dad and walking with him.  That got me missing him and a little homesick.  I smiled at the picture perfect moment and then the words, ¨Today I walk with thee...¨came into my mind.  Although I am far away from home.  Dad it will be another year plus until we meet again but I in that moment I had the surety that my Heavenly Father was walking with me and that he will for the next year and a half.  I am so grateful to have the companionship of my Heavenly Father in the mission.  It is hard at times but man it is rewarding.  Never has my heart been so full.  I am so grateful to be serving at this time and excited for the success we are seeing! P.S. we had a cute girl Sole assistir a la iglesia ayer!! YAY!! Finally someone came to church! 

Much love 
Roheyhuy  (maybe it is misspelled but it means I love you in Guarani)
Hna Owen
                                        LOTS OF PICS
                                                        Me and Hermana T in the Church
                                                        Enjoying a Gelato  "Oh my Yum"
                                                             A Fun Pic (a beautiful pic)
                                         With Hermana T in front of the Asuncion Temple
                                                            Love these Hermana's
                                                                  My District

                                                        We made home made pizza
                                                          A Big Green Caterpillar
                                       Josue's Baptism

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