Thursday, July 18, 2013

Short and Sweet

Ok first off  to explain the tiger eating bambi, haha, we went to the botanical garden and there was this little museum, it was flipping hilarious.  I never thought I would be so grateful for the museums in the U.S. haha!! I was seriously cracking up. They had the oddest things, hence this picture... :)  It explains/defines it all.  

Anyway this week has been fabulous! More contacts, 13 new investigators (but no one at church) and a baptism AHHHHHH I am praying (follows through) this Saturday!!!  A little boy by the name of Josue (the one who reminds me of Briggy/TJ(cousins)  He has so much energy (its hard to keep him focused in the lessons a veces) but he is super excited for his baptism and to follow in his brothers footsteps.  He is 9 and his two older brothers Adrian (13) and Didier (15) were both baptized recently and their mom is Catholic.  We gave him a Book of Mormon (kids version) recently and it´s fun cuz he´ll sit next to me during the lessons and Hna Toctaquiza holds the book and we read together (he is learning to read as well!!)  It helps me being able to teach someone what I am trying to learn.

So a lot of the members have invited us over for Mbyeu or made us some for lunch because they know I´m a huge fan.  haha I swear that´s all Loma Pyta is going to remember me by... my love of Mbyeu.  No importa oh I wish I could just tell you everything but I want to have time to read and reply to emails that I APOLOGIZE I haven´t for a couple weeks.  I get caught up wanting to tell you all everything.
I found this cute book in our apartment that I just have fallen in love with and I want to keep but probably should leave it where I found it.  It´s called ¨Daily Reflections for Missionaries¨ by Garry P. Mitchell.  Anyway, thought I would share something I loved from my reading today.  This week I have been pondering what makes a missionary great... well I have been pondering a lot of things lately: prayer (a lot), the Book of Mormon, faith, etc.  ¨Remember, by the process of faith, thoughts produce an effect as literal as physical exertion.  Your thoughts more than anything else, will be the determining factor in how many people you see join the Church during your mission, and for that matter, throughout your life.¨¨(pg.201-202) I have recognized the importance of heartfelt prayer, it effects our thoughts and actions especially our faith.  So that has been my goal to increase my prayers and increase my faith.  I know that our faith is essential.

For it was our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson who said, ¨the future is as bright as your faith¨ :) one of my all-time favorites.  ¨Your effectiveness as a missionary will be determined by your faithfulness, not your natural abilities.¨(195)

Okay and now the favor :) So it is Hna T´s bday next month (AUGUST 22) and I want to surprise her with a ton of letters!!! I seem to receive mail every week and she hasn´t had one letter while I have been her comp.  She says it is hard for her family and friends to send her things. I have been sharing my packages with her but I want her birthday to be special.
SO I am asking everyone who reads this to write (it can be as simple as a Happy Birthday and Keep the Faith) a letter this week or the next to her.  It takes a few weeks for letters to get here so send em this month!  Some people have said that their letters get sent back (not sure why) but maybe try pouch to be more safe (i think it takes the same amount of time).  The address is exactly the same as mine just substitute her name (Hermana Toctaquiza).  I think this will literally light up her world.    Oh I love her she is seriously an amazing companion!  We laugh all the time and love exchanging stories about our lives.  This would be just wonderful if ya´ll could help me out to make her first b~day away from home a special one! LOVE LOVE LOVE you all thank you thank you thank you!!
Oh and btdubs, i am learning guarani!

Con Cariña,
Hermana Owen

Hermana _________
Paraguay Asuncion North Mission
Casilla de Correo 1871
Asuncion 1831

(Use a Global forever stamp)

P.S.  Got a little taste of the U.S. today! We had McDonalds and FROZEN YOGURT!!! for lunch!  Oh life I miss my frozen yogurt.  It was outside of our area in a chuchi (rich) part of town. :)

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