Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nate, Nick and Bambi

The brother's got letters so we'll share those.  We sure miss Hillary.  She's so cute with her brothers and they look up to her so much...

NICKI!!! Shut up the ¨brain storm¨ store is back!?!  Hey I have been meaning to ask you how is passing the sacrament?  You hold a special special gift buddy... that is the Authority of God.  Always remember it is the power to act in the name of your Savior Jesus Christ.  Every Sunday you pass the sacrament, you are standing as a witness of Him.  Remember Him this week :)  Glad to hear Cali was fun and that the weather is cooling down.  Give nate a kiss and hug for me and tell him happy late birthday for me :) love you so much bud!! xoxo love Hillary

NATE!!!! DOOOOOGGG!!!SUp man seriously stop you´re growing up so much!  You´re starting to look like a young flippin man instead of a little boy!! what the what the what the!! Well... HAPPY 15th!!! I sang you Happy Birthday yesterday morning just for your information and celebrated by eating some birthday cake... it was Nigel´s birthday and baptism yesterday (a cute little boy in our ward- his mom is the one that reminds me of Tiff Burbige)  Awh bud I love you so flippin much!!  How is faith in God ?  isn't that what the young Men work on??     SHUT UP!! We got Nate´s big red suburban!!! ahhhhhh YES! Please keep it until i get home!!! What no no your drove it!??   Love you bud!  thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement xoxo
Love Hillary

Besides the boys emails, this picture below was all we got this week :(   There was no caption.  We don't know what this is about. We think it's hilarious.  We are just laughing that this is all we got this week.  Hahahaha.  There was a note about pictures, but this is the only one that came thru.  Poor Bambi.   So, stay tuned until next week when we'll share "the rest of the story" !!!


  1. At least you got a picture - however strange! This is cracking me up.

  2. Hillary- We love your letters. Nate is most likely working on Duty to God in Priesthood and Nick would have recently worked on Faith in God in Primary. And what's this about a red suburban? Did your family get a new car? Fun!!! I love my red car...for the most part. Sarah