Monday, August 26, 2013

Yippee - Yay

WEEK 17                             YIPEEE ~ YAY                           August 13, 2013

So this past week was freezing and today was sweltering hot.  I think winter is over folks and we’re headed for hot times from here on out.   We worked super hard this week.  We both got 76 contacts and 7x7 woo woo!! Our zone leaders really buckled down on us to really remember these goals.  

Also, we had an entrevistsa with el presidente and he really wants us to focus on working with the members, reminding us that the Lord loves the less active just as much as he loves the investigators.  So we have been striving to visit the less active and man alive you wouldn’t believe the success we are having.  In the past 3 weeks, ward activity has gone from 95 to 100 to 120 this week!!! YIPPEEE, plus a ton of our less active have been returning and we have 3 investigators that have been consistent in attending church. I seriously couldn´t be happier.  Their names Gloria (she is this darling woman who can sew/crochet super fine this specific Paraguayan design it is beautiful, she says she has lots of dreams but loves the church because it is the only church she has never been confused in... how bout that!  Her daughter (Milagros-14), and her sobrina (Faviana-16 o 15).  I am super excited because the young women have really befriended Milagros and Faviana. YAY! 

This week I noticed two things...

First off, I am beginning to develop this love for the people here.  Every time I contact people I imagine them in white at their baptism or their lives in the future with the gospel.  I thought the other day how sad the day will be when I leave this place and how much I will miss speaking this Spanish language.  I love it!! It is coming more and more each day.   Gave a talk in sacrament yesterday about the importance of members in this missionary work and ward members were saying I am beginning to sound half Paraguayan and half Ecuadorean, haha :) YAY!  they say i speak more fluently.  happy day.

Second, I seriously feel of all your prayers, love, and support.  In predicad mi evangelio or maybe it was somewhere else, i can´t remember... one of the brethren of the church made a comment about the family and missionaries.  ¨Their labors will sustain you, their faith encourage you, their prayers uphold you Seriously I love you all so much.  Through letters, prayers, and spirit I seriously receive strength and faith to carry on even when times get rough cuz I know you´re all there.  I am so grateful for you all and apologize to those I haven´t had the time to write back.  

P.S. to those in need of a little strength... I memorized a scripture in spanish that I have just fallen in love with: John 14:18 ¨No os desafíos huerfanos, vendré a vosotros.¨ The Savior lives and he comes to us.  May we remember to do all we can by our works of faith and then look up because he is waiting to throw down his rope.  He is always there for us.  By and through him we can and will surmount all.  

Much love, until next week,

Hermana Owen

P.S.  Ate me some awesome mexican burritos at this gourmet restaurant, in the states. The plate probably would have cost around 17 bucks, but here it was six!! (30 mil... a fancy meal for Hermana Tocaquiza´s bday) :)

 Hna Sanchez and her daughter Mercedez not sure if i told you about them before but they literally live in a shack with chickens EVERYWHERE in the dishes and shelves you can find eggs! Its like easter everyday...  they are the most humble and sweet people ever!  They come every monday to clean the temple and hna sanchez is a faithful temple goer 2-3 times a week .  She is always a little soft with us cuz her husband past away a week or so before I came.  We love them SOOOO much!

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