Monday, October 21, 2013

I Speak Spanish

              First off, Kristian Durate, I am proud to anounce, is GETTING BAPTIZED this coming Saturday!!  He is so ready it´s unreal.  This past week we taught him with hna Almirón en el barrio.  We taught him Word of Wisdom and he accepted it NBD.  He said, "Öhhh coffee??¨ ¨Bueno if the Lord asked us to I trust he knows what he´s doing,¨and he started to nod as Hno Alimrón explained why.  He asked us, well my baptism is a in a week what do i need to do prepare?  What who does that!?  So awesome. We told him to continue doing what he´s doing and living what we are teaching.  He is really excited to get baptized and then receive the Priesthood to baptize Celia and Jasmine!  Celia still hasn´t come to church but I am sure she will next week with his confirmation.  
   Saturday, I got up early and made crepes and butter milk syrup for everyone to celebrate Hna Silvás birthday. They were IN LOVE with em. hahaha and I must say I made some of the best buttermilk syrup I have EVER tasted!!  (Hna Fuller, the nurse, gave me tip)  Mangos are blooming so we enjoyed mangos on our crepes as well.  I couldn´t find lemons so I´ll have to make the originals another time. We still have a huge jar of syrup in our fridge.
    Times are getting hot, as I said mangos are blooming.  Thank goodness clouds rolled over today and it´s not as scorching as yesterday.  I now understand why they say you are literally only dry for 5 seconds after the shower. Ya it´s a thick heat and I think my EYES got sunburned!!
     Exciting part... so living with 3 latinos is PARADISE!!! Seriously it is one of the biggest blessings yet I have recieved on my mission!  Hna Silva said I was talking in my sleep the other night.  Went to ask her what I had said, but thought, "öh hilly she´s not gonna know cuz you speak English.¨  To my surprise she alughed and said I was testifying to someone/teaching them IN SPANISH!!! como.. ¨Yo Testificó... ¨   WHAT!! Ya not lying I am the happiest camper ever dad!! I speak SPANISH!!! I can think in spanish without thinking about it! I am also noticing I don´t need to think twice about what people say or ask them ¨otra vez¨ as often.  I am not 100% yet but definitely above the 50% maybe even to the 70% mark!!!  Hna Silva told me that she can tell the spirit takes over in the lessons and I speak so fluently.
    Being a trainer has helped me A TON!!!  I have been the one having to direct lessons and speak on the phone and coordinate things. I am learning SO MUCH!! I love training and couldn´t be happier that I am training in my pirmero area!! :)  Hna Silva is so cute and we are having tons of fun getting to know each other.  She is a wonderful teacher and I love teaching her little tips oh see her explain something like I do in a lesson.  Makes me like I´m teaching her something, when I really thought I would hardly teach her anything cuz she is already fluent in Spanish.  We  are learning English as well. It is hilarious and so fun.  Hna Vasquez and Hna Pelicó love and want to learn English as well so we are practicing everyday.  Oh I am seriously so grateful for all the Lord has blessed me with.  
    Count your many blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. He really is the deliverer of all.  I love the faith of the stripling warriors in Alma 57 and how they know that their strength, success, freedom, and joy all comes from the Lord.  Go. Fight. Win!  (when the Lord is on your side!)  Love you all and wish you all a fabulous week!  xoxo

    Con cariña,
Hermana Owen

there are frogs that have been coming out when It rains (haven´t seen em) but they cry and make this sound that sounds like crying babies it is THE most bizarre thing ever!!Mom I will respond to your email next week or maybe write ya a letter.  te quiero i will get back to you about the missionary thing. love you tons AND AND I have this goal to read the book of mormon in a month1!! Starting next monday hasta mi cumpleaño con sophia rivarola and some other sister.  choa choa! love hermana owen

si si!! I will talk with him!! actually he sent everyone an email this week cuz GUESS WHAT!?!?! Elder D. Todd Christofferson is coming to visit us!!!! I am so excited!! 13th of noviembre!!!  can´t wait probably will be one of the best bday presents.  hna silva says thankyou for the birthday gift (dad said you sent one) love you all so very much xoxo

Asuncion, the big city, behind us 

Having fun while doing a Service Project at the park

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