Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Held a Monkey

Week 34½                                                                              Dec 23-29, 2013

   So yes it´s true.  I held a monkey. He was absolutely darling.  I was feeding him Mburucuya juice in a bottle and he kept shoving the bottle out and spitting it out on me.  Then he decided he didn´t want anymore and curled up in my arms to sleep.  Oh and the family let me name him.  I sugessted Billy at first but they weren´t too big of fans so I named him ¨Clever.¨  Then my comp Hna Buss was holding him and he got mad when Yesica (12 yr old member in Yby Yaú)  tried to take him away so he furiously crawls up to Hna Buss´ear and bites it!! AHHH hahaha serious and then starts pulling furiously at her hair and biting it.  We were laughing so hard tears were running down my cheeks. 

    Goodness, the weeks really do just get better and better here!! The only sad part to this week was saying goodbye to my wonderful Hermana Wood.  She is now home and spending Christmas with her family.  Love you Hermana Wood.  Miss you dearly and thanks for the note.  I will miss you this Christmas.  Hermana Buss and I have had a great week in Yby Yaú.  I LOVE IT THERE!!!  It is so sad I only get 3 more days there.  Hopefully I will go there again some day.  It is amazing with the rich smell of mangos as they begin to fall, Chickens are outside (we throw them our left overs), electric buzz of giant locust, plains of trees that run out to the horizon and you can see in every direction, a chapel the size of a small american house, 20 members in church (it was a good day), monkeys to hold, small town,  Guarani (I ka tu Pura´hé... I am learning to speak one of the coolest languages),  kids everywhere...that follow you everywhere, and hilarious old people that laugh and speak guarani to you... in a nutshell heaven!  

    We found a golden investigator THROUGH A MEMBER!!!  yippee!!! 
I have been reading ¨How to be a Consecrated Missionary¨ by D. Tadd Callister.  All of you need to read it. Off the charts.  Anyway I have been focusing on really learning to give my all to my Heavenly FAther. I have been trying to just focus on the investigator and what my comp says and just loving them with all my heart and learning to see them through the eyes of my Savior. Oh you should have been in that lesson.  So her name is Teresita.  She is 16 and just darling.  As we taught her about the restoration or the Gospel, a light seemed to turn on in her eyes.  The spirit was so thick.  She explained she had never heard of this and how she would be sure to pray and ask if it were true. We are so excited to work with her.  

xoxo con cariño, Hna Owen

P.s. i forgot to bring my camera hook up so no pictures.  You´ll just have to trust me on the monkey story.

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