Monday, January 27, 2014

I love it I love it I love it

                                                                                I LOVE LIFE !!!
Pic from when we were in Loma back in October

here are some photos from Celia and Kristian Duarte who were baptized in Oct. and Nov!!!! Their two cute daughters.  good times with them!!! 
the one below, of all of us, was recent this past saturday on a division with mi hija (Hna Silva) and her comp Hna Sanchez!!  I love them SOOOO  much!!

                       p.s.  here is a pic of my shoes the ones i was talking about.  
me- ok Hill’s I’ll get shoes to you as quick as I can…
Hill - "no I am fine don´t worry. Serious, all is well! i am just loving life!!!"

Me with Hermana Tomco

The bishops step daughters!  (below) Little Jade (Had-eh is how it is pronounced)
                          and the one that is kinda blurry (above) is with ANALÍA 
                               who is GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!
WEEK 39:

I LOVE my companion.
           We had a comp inventory the other day and we just talked.  I mean really talked.  It was so good...we are becoming better and better friends by the second.  I am beginning to realize how CRUCIAL communication is and how much I need to better mine.  I love Hermana Tomco.  She really helps me see my potential and get me there.

I LOVE Analìa Monges Gomez.
              She is the 12 yr. old young woman getting baptized this coming Sunday.  On Friday we had THE most incredible lesson with her.  We read a little from the Book of Mormon and found she hasn´t been praying to see if Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon are true, so we asked her if she´d be willing to do it right then and there with us- that was my first time ever asking someone to do it right then and there. She accepted so easily and the prayer was incredible.  We told her how to pray and asked and told her she can wait a few seconds to listen or feel an answer.  So we knelt in prayer with her in there hot little humble living room and she began to pray.  She expressed thanks to her Father in Heaven for us and what she has been able to learn; she expressed her desire to know if the Book of Mormon was true, then waited... and waited... and waited... for a sec I thought she might have forgotten how to finish the prayer.  Then to our surprise she continued to pray thanking her heavenly father and repeating the process 3 times... just waiting.  It was the most precious thing.  She was so sincere.  You could feel the spirit just filling the room.  We said amen and when I met eyes with that little girl I don´t think I have ever seen anyone so happy! She´s TWELVE and man it was a powerful prayer.  Heavenly Father has been so good to us, to let us be a part of her life and bring her this gospel. It has been an absolute treat. Plus, she is already talking about being a missionary!!!

I LOVE buttermilk syrup.
           Which if you knew me before the mission I was never a fan, but Hna Fuller has the recipe down to a T and it is to die for.  As sister training leaders we get algunos privilegios. 

I LOVE miracles.
        This week on Monday we had an incredible lesson with our investigator Dulce Salas (17 and fairly interested with cousins that are members that I knew in Loma) and we ended at 9:50 at night.  Right now it is a rule to be home by 10.  Well we had ten minutes and we were a good 20 minutes from our house walking.  So, we looked at each other, it then being 9:53, and decided, well, we gotta run.  So, we took off, bolting in the silent cobble stone streets.  Our backpacks begged us to walk but we had to get there. We just kept going.  We were both praying our little hearts out that some how someway the Lord would stop time or carry us home.  There were a couple moments where I glanced over at Hermana Tomco, both gasping for breath, dripping sweat, and tempted to stop, but I had to keep going.  We kept praying in faith.  Por fin, we reached our gate and took a look at the time, as we almost collapsed because of jello legs, it was 9:59:38seconds!!!!!! That is not a lie.  We almost started to cry.  We were a little out of it, and more than anything out of breath, but we ran in side and fell to our knees.  We had literally taken part in a miracle that night. There was no doubt the Lord got us there on time.  Sometimes I can´t comprehend the things our Heavenly Father does but I love remembering how when he created the earth, he said the things obeyed him... I think even time obeys him. :)

I LOVE teaching families!
             We have an investigator Nicole Soto who is just awesome but is struggling with a few things like a testimony of a modern prophet (so we gave her a Liahona) and the Word of Wisdom (she loves her tea).  We have been trying to teach her boyfriend (henry) who is rarely there, but the other day we found him there by surprise!  Feeling prompted we invited him to listen.  Nicole had asked him once and having rejected the offer she just thought he didn´t have any interest.  It caught us all by surprise to find out how interested he really was; so interested they both got up Sunday with their little baby and came to church.  They just loved it and the ward was so good to them!!! I was so happy!!  Upon leaving, Henry nos conto que habìa algo bastante diferente entre nuestra iglesia y su iglesia (.  He said in his church hardly anyone will welcome new people, but coming to ours he felt like the WHOLE WORLD came to welcome them!  He said he really felt at home.  He has awesome questions as well and Nicole is really excited because I think she lacked a little support!  Goal: Get them married and baptized while here!!  I´ll keep you all updated! So fun!:)
It has been a crazy busy week!  Hermanas are doing great and we are traveling this week with Presidente and the office elders to do interviews and capacitaciònes with all the zones! Wish us luck!
con mucho cariño,


(She always answers back to her siblings, but I don’t always share, thought this was cute to Nick)
love you nicky!! hey there is a soda here called Niko it´s awesome!!   try reading the book of mormon before i get home, front to back!  wanna race!? :) ready set go!  weekly report on what you have studied?! :) I love you1!!!!!

mom you are the best, thank you so much!!!!  you will be in my prayers i hope you start feeling better.  That ´s one thing I have realized even 10-20 minutes is sometimes necessary to take a breather and not get over stressed or worn out.  Really just slow down don´t try to run faster than you are able ... take time to smell the roses. :)  I love you mom thanks a ton!!!   just got two christmas packages this week!!!  So wonderful with hundreds of cards… please give the yw all hugs for me and tell them I love them all.  They are all incredible young women with such incredible potential.  They are divine and beautiful.  I have really gotten to know and love the young women in our ward i think it is mainly because we are baptizing this darling 12 yr old named Analía Monges Gomez who is living with the Bishop´s family.  So fun!!! I love and miss young womens dearly. We are singing ¨As Sisters in Zion¨ with the YW for her baptism… so excited!!!  Maybe I´ll send a pic you can show the YW!   xxoxo love hill

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  1. Thank you for sharing Hma. Owen's weekly emails. My son is in "the south mission" (Paraguay Asuncion) and I enjoy getting more perspectives! Will you see if Hma. Owen is willing to share Hma. fuller's buttermilk syrup recipe? I have never heard of it. Jan