Monday, June 2, 2014

El Templo

ALSO... ate cow stomach soup!  So good! With the same family who sent the pic of me eating chicken hearts. They eat THE weirdest yet most delicious things, haha.
In Argentina se llaman “Gizo” or "Sopa de Mondongo"  (soup)

        A perfect shot!! This is Hna Flor and her darling little boy they call ¨Gordo¨, haha It´s like calling your little boy ¨Chubbs¨or something. They were filled with the most incredible joy. It´s the greatest desire I have, to one day be sealed to someone I love and my own children. 

Shoes are thin and wonderful haha but got the insoles. Only thing is, they are stretched so much that the insole takes up the hole wear my foot lays and so they fly off.  I need to try them in the other shoes.  SAW ELDER and brother alder!! Just now, in the office. He left some money for me to get new shoes. haha i told him no, but he insisted, I told him you´d pay him back.  They are awesome. It was so exciting to see them!  So, I am planning on getting some shoes from Hermana Mcmullin, if not i´ll go to the crock shop one of these days.  Thank you for fasting for Marcelo. :)  The week was INCREDIBLE.  There are NO words to describe.  My comp is WONDERFUL.  Seriously we are always laughing and just having the greatest time together! WE HAD 50 PEOPLE IN CHURCH !!! Our reading of first Nephi has been a huge strength! An entire less active family came !!! Familia Vasquez!  And almost all bore their testimonies. It was especially touching to hear the father bear his testimony.  Not much time at all today because we had a concilio with pte. and zone leaders until 3 this afternoon.  But it is always fun because Hna Mcmullin takes us out to lunch afterward! :)  

Okay miracles!!! Got to go to the temple!!  One of Hermana Gutierrez´s recent converts from her old area went to get sealed this week. It was seriously a tender mercy of the Lord I think because I am missing two of my best friends´weddings: Brianne and Michelle.  It was amazing.  I will write home about it or next week.  We had 50 people in church so exciting! Today I saw Elder Shumway (old asistant), Elder Alder, and his dad and brother.

Amazing  week really but we have to go, work starts in an hour and 15!  Love you all and know that my heart is FILLED with joy!  I love this work so so much!   Thank you for your letters, love, and support.

Con Cariño,

Hermana Owen

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