Monday, July 21, 2014

Filled to the Brim

      I´m staring out the cyber window, laughing, and thinking of Hermana McMullin´s comment one day of, ¨Who thought you´d ever see a Mango tree, Palm Tree, and Pine tree growing right next to one another.¨   haha Only in Paraguay.

         I need to catch up and fill you all in on the last few weeks, instead of only just this one because they have been so eventful and jam pact with adventures.

I adore Maria
         First off to inform you all on the work... We have coming up this Saturday a baptism for Maria Diana.  She is 13 and she is so excited to be baptised.  She reads the Book of Mormon two times a day.  She gets a lot of criticizing from people she works with.  They ask her a million questions and discourage her a lot.  However, she is holding strong, loves coming to church, and has great friends there.   We are so excited.  

Then there´s Susi (Susana).  She is the granddaughter of a less active who we often have lunch with.  She is darling. We have been trying to activate while at the same time bring her grandmother with her.   The main thing with Susi is that she needed a change of heart more than anything.  She showed up the other day and tells, ¨Hermanas I´m now reading the book of mormon.  I want to be baptized as soon as possible.  I keep my Book of Mormon on my bed so whenever I have spare time, I pick it up and start reading!¨  She said it with such excitement in her eyes.  Now we just need her to rub some of that excitement off on her darling Grandma.  

         We had an amazing conference Saturday night with President McMullin and a member of the quorum of the seventy, Elder Krasnoselsky.  From Argentina and knows Flia Abad, dad! and Pte. Aguero (both leaders Steve worked with from his mission 30 years ago).   
He is so humble and inspirational. His name is REALLY hard to pronounce.   They really got our little branch excited, organized, and inspired to get going TOGETHER in this missionary work.   We are excited.  We have two awesome branch missionaries who are our "assistants" we like to call them.  Angelica and Sebastiana (recently baptized).  Yesterday we split and did divisions with them to showed them less actives and investigators we are teaching.  They are amazing little missionaries.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we will not be in our area because of divisions and zone conferences with President (we get to present! hermana Amado is freaking out!) so they will be visiting the inv.s and less act.s the days we can´t.  This is going to help the progress of our area so much.  We even gave them two missionary agendas to use.  They are stoked and feel privileged :)  I love it!  Being in Horqueta is so much different than a ward in Mesa, or even Asuncion.   There are so little members that you gotta have everybody working. There is constant communication and constant interaction. I love it.  

      This is the Lord´s work and I know it´s true.  Don´t give up.  Don´t let down.  Remember your Savior and that he is always calling out to us.  This is my scripure I found and love for the week: D&C 88:63

love hermana owen
fun gang of the youth and victor

this is Victor he is THE cutest little munchkin in the world.  he is crazy, loves to run around, loves to pray, and knows our names!  He is Roberto´s (recent convert) nephew.   isn't he precious.

            walking thru yby yau.... i love this one because of the cow 

Elder Krasnoselsky

our tree of life. it is in the middle of the street here in little horqueta!

Hermana Owen y Hermana Amado

hermana Valenzuela- reminds me of tara porter and a mix of maquel simkins.  SHE´S A UTE FAN! haha we had a fun division the other day

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