Monday, July 21, 2014

Starry Nights, Full of food

            Okay sorry about last week.  Left writing the weekly letter until the very end and now our cyber didn´t have internet so us 6 missionaries all get a little short time to write.  So to those who I didn´t get to respond I will next week if Concilio with President (council with the President) doesn´t run to long.   

        But oh you guys so much has happened in only a short two weeks!! Forgot to mention the most exciting part, We had a baptism LAST Saturday(21) and this past Saturday! (28)  It was awesome.  There are about 40-60 members that assist every Sunday.  However, about 70% are youth.  We are trying to work with the parents.  Please pray for them.  

        We lived off of 10 mil (like $3) this week for food because we had to do a lot of traveling and cooking and  one day we returned to the house to see what we could scrounge out to eat.  Well we opened our fridge... an old pomelo, juice, and burnt peanuts I tried roasting haha... on the shelf a bag of flour, salt, and half a bag of noodles.  I said a little prayer for some miracle.  We brought home some carrots and other vegetables and seriously five minutes upon returning Hermana Duarte and our President´s wife, came over and surprised us with a plate FULL of food.  Serious.  The Lord seriously watches over us.  
look this is the food heremana duarte brought us!
       Especially, in these areas out lejos (far) because he knows it´s hard.  The poor people really don´t have much but give you ALL.  I LOVE them SO much.  We have wonderful strong youth that are all so excited and involved in the missionary work and ward activities.  

         So here I am back to the rock paved streets, washing clothes by hand and in buckets, eating noodles, tortillas, and mandioca, but I love it.  A little like life in Loma but more rural.  It is getting cold again.  I was wrapped in tons of layers yesterday.  The nights here in Horqueta are incredible, the skies are FILLED with stars.  You can see galaxies.  I feel so stranded and on such an adventure.  I am learning plenty Guaraní.   Yesterday I learned how to say ¨door¨ ...oké.  Where the accent is, you pronounce it with a nasely sound.  It is such a fun language.    
I am loving Horqueta.  Love you all!

Hermana Owen

Oh and I think I mentioned, but my comp is AWESOME!  I am learning SOOO much from her and we have a blast EVERY day!!! Mom I am going to live in Guatemala upon return.  It sounds like a dream there and they eat amazing food!  haha also she is absolutely hilarious... 

an idea of where i went haha the ride to horqueta
this is maria!!! who will be getting baptized next week!!

first baptism :  Roberto Sanchez (17) and excited to serve a mission this past sunday recieved the priesthood!!! :) he reminds me of little nate

their mother :) I  LOVE HER she makes us mandiochururu which is like fried potatoes  
it´s amazing!
our little friend Miguelito on the street

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